Twin Pregnancy Diary – 29 weeks 4 days

I went along to the hospital to see my consultant following last week’s growth scan for the twins.  As always, finding a parking space was a joy except it wasn’t and the whole fuss and bother of waiting and looking for a place to leave the car took longer than my journey to the hospital.… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 29 weeks 2 days

. Twin Pregnancy 29 weeks Well, we are now into the third and final trimester!  Quite apart from making it here, something I thought wouldn’t happen in the early weeks when I was bleeding and worrying, I am also celebrating that we have reached this point with no major concerns or problems.  This week’s belly… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 28 weeks 6 days

. Yesterday was the first growth scan to check on how the twins are doing. Mike had taken the day off work to stay with the younger children and Caitlin came along to the hospital with me. Never knowing whether we will be able to find a parking space we left an hour before our… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 28 weeks 2 days

. Twin Pregnancy 28 weeks To be honest there isn’t very much to report this week.  Night times are becoming increasingly uncomfortable and disturbances are greater as my bladder has gone from this capacity… O … to this capacity…. .     (It’s that full stop right up there. See?) Round ligament pains are getting… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 27 weeks 2 days

. Twin Pregnancy Belly Photo at 27 weeks Turning 27 weeks pregnant seems to have marked a noticeable decrease in my energy levels.  Yesterday morning, I woke up at my usual time of 5am.  An hour later I was lying on the sofa feeling as if I hadn’t slept all night.  With it being a… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 26 weeks 4 days

. Well, I am more than halfway through week 26 now. I’m feeling a lot like Eeyore at the moment.  Big, heavy, and really very slow to get anywhere or do anything.  The baby clothes still need to be brought out of storage, let alone washed and put away.  The hospital bags are not even… Read More