Twin Pregnancy Diary – 26 weeks 4 days


Well, I am more than halfway through week 26 now. I’m feeling a lot like Eeyore at the moment.  Big, heavy, and really very slow to get anywhere or do anything.  The baby clothes still need to be brought out of storage, let alone washed and put away.  The hospital bags are not even dragged out, let alone packed and the tiny baby nappies need to be dug out and given a wash to freshen them up.  Maybe today I will achieve something from this list.


Yesterday I had an appointment with the midwife.  Everything seems to be well.  The babies are active with good, strong heartbeats.  Both babies are lying head down at the moment and twin 2 seems to be lying back to back, in the midwife’s opinion, which would explain why it’s harder to find that the heartbeat of that baby when the other baby’s heartbeat can be found almost immediately.

My belly is measuring the same as a 31 week singleton pregnancy.  Out of curiosity I measured around my waist (although it isn’t a waist any more.  Do whales have waists?) and it is 44″ all the way around.  It has grown an inch and a half in two weeks.  If it carries on growing at this rate, and if I get to 38 weeks, it works out that my waist will measure 53 inches around.  Oh good golly!

Mind you, someone did email me earlier to say that she searched for the blog with the words “Larger Family Life” and it came up as “Find a large wife”.  That’s not completely inaccurate then, is it?!

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