Twin Pregnancy Diary – 28 weeks 6 days


Yesterday was the first growth scan to check on how the twins are doing. Mike had taken the day off work to stay with the younger children and Caitlin came along to the hospital with me.

Never knowing whether we will be able to find a parking space we left an hour before our appointment time. The hospital is only a ten minute drive away and we unusually found a space straight away. This meant that we arrived approximately 40 minutes before our allotted time. It didn’t matter as it gave us a chance to have a natter with the lovely receptionist there for twenty minutes.

We then sat in the waiting room and waited. Our appointment time came and went and we finally went in just half an hour after we were scheduled to. Not bad going, really!

Anyway, the scan took a fair while to do. As it wasn’t an anomaly scan the extremities and organs were not checked. It was only a case of measuring distances and entering them into the computer to calculate whether each baby was growing as it should.

I had a little worry when I saw that one twin’s heartbeat was only typed down as being 103bpm… way too slow for my liking. However, this was not noted anywhere and the sonographer didn’t mention anything. In her opinion, everything seemed fine and dandy and both babies are measuring as they should for their dates.

Before I went to the hospital a few of us over on the Larger Family Life Facebook page had a guess at the weights of the babies. We’re a fun loving bunch over there don’t you know? If you haven’t joined us yet, why not? Anyway, I’m not sure that anyone got both the weights but all the guesses came pretty close. The babies are estimated to be 2lb 11oz for Twin 1 (the twin on my left) and 2lb 8oz for Twin 2. Both babies are lying head down at the moment – not that it makes any difference to us really and no, we didn’t find out the sexes!

Unfortunately the sonographer couldn’t get a picture of Twin 1’s face. Here is Twin 2’s profile though:

Twin 2 profile at 28 weeks 5 days

… and we also watched him/her puckering up and blowing kisses.  Here is one for you…

Twin 2’s puckering profile at 28 weeks 5 days

So there it is. I now have a follow up appointment on Tuesday with the consultant so we will see what she says about the results of the scan. As I understand it though, there are no concerns and nothing to worry about, so it’s all good.

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