Twin Pregnancy Diary – 28 weeks 2 days


Twin Pregnancy 28 weeks

To be honest there isn’t very much to report this week.  Night times are becoming increasingly uncomfortable and disturbances are greater as my bladder has gone from this capacity…
… to this capacity….

(It’s that full stop right up there. See?)

Round ligament pains are getting more frequent and can be quite breathtaking sometimes, although the lack of breath could also be contributed to the fact that my lungs are being squashed like an accordion.  
Having got those complaints out of the way, I have to say that I actually don’t feel too bad.  Of course, pregnancy isn’t easy as your body is dealing with so many changes and working so hard, so some discomfort and even pain is to be expected at times.  On the whole though, I think I have been very lucky so far to have had no problems apart from the odd expected and quite normal pregnancy twinges.
Looking at my photograph above, I don’t think I look very much bigger than last week.  It did make me laugh a little when someone over on the Larger Family Life Facebook page commented that it looked neat.  Yes, my abs of steel are keeping it all held together…. I wish!  
We have a growth scan coming up this week.  The sonographer will be checking on the well being of the babies and estimating their size and weights.  Mike has guessed that they’re around the 2½lb weight.  It will be interesting to see how near/far he is to the mark.  I cannot believe that we are now in the final ten weeks, as I won’t be carrying further than 38 weeks.  Does anyone else think this pregnancy has gone by fast?  Still, let the ten week countdown begin!

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2 thoughts on “Twin Pregnancy Diary – 28 weeks 2 days

  1. You know, I must have been so fortunate, I never had bladder issues while pregnant. I mean now I have trouble holding it completely if I laugh or cough, which sucks. But during pregnancy, at my WORST I got up once a night, and during the day I probably went every 2 hours. I have no idea what that would be like

    Then again, I had a full 9 months of hyperemesis, so I got my fair share of pregnancy yuck

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