What to do when you see 25 thirty-somethings dressed as WWF wrestlers in a Royal Park

    Last week I published a roundup explaining what we had been up to over the last few weeks. The roundup covered everything from a CCU stay, a hospital wedding arranged in four hours, lost teeth, car breakdowns, a bunch of lycra-clad young men running half naked around Richmond Park and a camping trip.… Read More

Remembering 1988: My! How things have changed!

      This year marks 25 years since Mike and I met at high school.  A year later we were officially ‘together’ with no idea of what the future held.  Certainly, we didn’t foresee 12 children would be in it! Within the last week I have received a letter from one of my friends… Read More

Christmas Traditions – What are yours?

    With the first week of November done and dusted we are getting ever closer to that time. Christmas. Personally, I love it.  It’s a little glimmer of joy in the midst of dark, cold days and even darker, colder nights and just about the only thing which makes winter even remotely bearable. When… Read More