Top 15 Garden Hacks to Get Ahead in Your Garden the Green Way

prepare your yard

  You may be a seasoned gardener already, or maybe you’re a complete novice looking to get stuck in and grow your own fruit and veg. Whatever the reason, Ecoscape have pulled together 15 of the best gardening hacks to help you on your way.     No matter what your budget, or amount of gardening experience, these hacks… Read More

Glorious gardens with minimum fuss: Your monthly gardening guide and to-do list is here!

      The New Year is approaching and fast! With all the excitement and celebration that Xmas brings with it, people may find themselves neglecting some of their hobbies, gardens in particular. With the cold weather of winter and the focus of everybody firmly on Xmas and New Year, gardening is a hobby that… Read More

He has a business plan. He’s determined. He’s seven.

    Eddie was still a toddler when he earned himself the nickname ‘Farmboy’.  He has a natural affinity with animals – a real Dr Doolittle connection and a serious sense of responsibility.  He has loved learning about growing plants, of taking a seed and some dirt and watching it become something else.  And if… Read More