5 Things to do in the Garden in April


 Gardening tools  on the terrace in the garden


April is a busy month for gardeners. The close of winter and the promise of warmer weather means it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start preparing your garden for the summer months ahead. As we have limited space and chickens, we will be sticking to flower displays in containers and perhaps a tub or two of herbs and salad leaves. No matter how large your garden or the extent of the work you need to do, here are a few tips to help you get organised during April:


Keep an eye on the weather

April isn’t the time to let down your defences completely when the weather is at stake. Late frosts during this month can still cause a lot of harm to your plants so make sure you keep delicate plants warm with fleece or garden cloches.


Get your seedlings started

Some varieties of such marigolds, nigella, poppies or other hardy annuals can be sown directly into the ground now. Perennials such as hollyhocks and delphiniums can be kept under cover using greenhouses, polytunnels or even a windowsill.


Prepare the beds

Hoe and neaten the borders and tackle the weeds before they have a chance to establish themselves. The warmer weather will see them breaking through faster now so dealing with them before they take root will keep weeding to a minimum later on.


Make a start on the veg patch

Even the smallest of gardens can produce a container or two of homegrown food. Directly sow salad leaves, carrots, peas and spinach now while tomatoes and cucumbers can be started off under cover.


Get ready for the slug attack

The wet, warm weather is the perfect environment for slugs. Stop the outbreak before it gets out of hand by treating a biological slug control such as Nemaslug to deal with the problem.





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