How I Juggle Business, Pregnancy & Motherhood: Melissa’s Story

      We are always keen to hear from other parents who have gone on to successfully combine parenting with running a business of their own. We know that it’s not always easy so love the inspiration and motivation we get when others share their experiences. Today we have the privilege of featuring Melissa… Read More

How to turn a blog into a business

      When people ask what I do, I briefly have to stop and think before I answer. Somehow answering with, ‘I run a blog’ doesn’t quite seem enough, but then I think (briefly again – after all, I’m supposed to be having a conversation), about how much has gone into this website and… Read More

He has a business plan. He’s determined. He’s seven.

    Eddie was still a toddler when he earned himself the nickname ‘Farmboy’.  He has a natural affinity with animals – a real Dr Doolittle connection and a serious sense of responsibility.  He has loved learning about growing plants, of taking a seed and some dirt and watching it become something else.  And if… Read More