A New Beginning and Paying it Forward: A Mum-of-13’s Life and Weight Loss Transformation Story

  My name is Tania. You already know me from this website www.largerfamilylife.com. Yes, that’s right. I’m the one with 13 kids. Come and see my new home at Fit Chameleon. I know I’ve been quiet. Unnaturally so, some may say. But I’m back. Only now, things are different. Very different.  Over the last five… Read More

Remember the guy who sued his wife for having an ugly child? True story, hoax or successful PR?

    Last week we published a piece about Jian Feng of China who successfully sued his wife after she had given birth to, in his opinion, an ‘incredibly ugly’ daughter. Many people who have read about this story have found Feng’s attitude disturbing at least, offensive – even as far as enraging in others… Read More

Man sues wife over ugly children. And wins!

    Jian Feng of China has successfully sued his ex-wife for giving birth to, in his opinion, an extremely ugly baby girl. When his daughter was born Feng was so certain that her looks couldn’t possibly be down to his genes, that he accused his then-wife of having an affair. He demanded a DNA… Read More