Nea Fokea and St Paul’s Cave Church in Halkidiki

  The small fishing village of Nea Fokea was a short drive from our villa in nearby Kriopigi, situated along the first ‘leg’ of the three which make up the Halkidiki peninsula. There are thought to be somewhere in the region of only 1,500 inhabitants here during the year. This figure swells during the tourist… Read More

Setting Off on our Travels: Day 1 – Germany

  In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best of ideas to have booked an early morning Eurotunnel crossing on the morning the clocks sprung forward an hour. The 4.30am start that beckoned was no more appealing when we kept translating it as ‘4.30am – actually 3.30am by yesterday’s time,’ because we, it seems, like to punish… Read More