Organising a Games Night at Home

games night at home



If you and your friends love to throw a games night, you know how to party! Playing games together is one of the most effective ways to light a fire of friendly competition, make each other laugh, and enjoy a thoroughly engaging time together. 

If you need some help planning a memorable evening with friends and family, look no further. We’ve outlined our top 3 tips for an adults-only gaming event in this quick guide. 

Planning the evening: First steps

The initial steps for organising a games night are the most important. You’ll need to:

  • Pick a date for the event
  • Think of a rough schedule, including start and end times
  • Decide on the guestlist
  • Send invitations
  • Ask for RSVP notes, especially if you’re making party food

Once you’ve picked your guests and sent out your invitations, you can start planning the details.


Our top 3 tips for an adults-only gaming evening

  • Choose the right games

From cards and traditional board games to modern console games and mobile applications, there’s a plethora of genres and formats from which to choose. If you’re not a fan of board games that take hours, you could play online bingo for quick sessions and guaranteed fun.

Knowing your audience and planning around their interests is most important, but you should also consider the capabilities of your home setup.

Aim to provide a variety of suggestions and options on the night, so that the party can be taken by inspiration or feeling. We recommend striking a balance of competitive and cooperative games to keep everyone thinking on their feet. 


  • Set up the space

Next, it’s important to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your games night. 

Think about how best to arrange the furniture. You’ll want your guests to be sat close enough together to enjoy sharing the experience, but they still need their personal space! 

You should consider lighting too: it’s worth using a combination of table lamps and atmospheric lighting to reduce glare on screens but keep things easy to see. You can always optimise and adjust your games room according to the type of game being played. 


  • Provide snacks and drinks

Snacks and drinks will keep energy flowing through the night, so make sure that your guests are all fuelled up and ready for action! If you’re not asking your guests to bring their own food, make sure you’ve got a plan. 

For homemade snacks and buffet food, you’ll need to make sure that you’re catering to specific dietary requirements or allergies. Or, if you’re ordering from a restaurant, it could be worth getting specific items pre-ordered first. 


A special occasion

Don’t forget to make your party unique. 

Planning a games night doesn’t need to be conventional: you could insert a funny theme or ask for a certain dress code to keep your guests on the edge of their seats. And if you’re feeling competitive, why not host a league or winners battle on the night?

There are so many ways to spice up your games night – but above all, just remember to relax and have a good time!








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