How To Improve Post-Workout Recovery As You Get Older

post workout recovery

Time comes for all of us. You can try to hide from it, but it will eventually catch up and wreak havoc on your life. 

Okay, that’s a tad dramatic, but there’s still no denying the effects of time on our bodies. We get older and certain things become harder as the body changes. It’s hard to avoid – and the true irony is that we feel it more when trying to be healthy! You’re working out regularly to keep yourself in excellent shape, but your body wants to remind you of your age. Recovering from workouts is significantly harder when you get a bit older – most people notice a difference when they reach 35. Your muscles stay sore for longer, but this is one of the few things we can fight back against! 

Don’t let your age discourage you from working out as you’re sick of the soreness – try these three tips to improve post-workout recovery and feel a lot better: 

Find a muscle-relaxing supplement

You’ll see plenty of supplements on the market to help relax your muscles and ease soreness after workouts. Of all the options, CBD oil is the one grabbing most of the headlines. A couple of drops under your tongue before bed could speed up the recovery process. This particular health supplement may also aid our third point and encourage you to sleep deeper and for longer. 

Many other supplements exist and some might agree with you more than others. It’s all about testing and trying different ones, then making them a consistent part of your routine. Your muscles will recover faster and you’ll be in less pain. 

Massage your muscles to get the blood flowing

Do you stretch after working out or before going to bed? That’s fine, though this won’t help improve your recovery. Stretching easing your muscle soreness is a myth – massaging your muscles is the correct thing to do! 

Just like stretching, a massage can help lengthen the muscles so they’re no longer super tight. Unlike stretching, massages encourage more blood flow around your muscles. This is a crucial part of post-workout recovery as getting the blood flowing helps flush out lactic acid and prevents soreness. You can use your hands and some massage lotion to do this or opt for percussive therapy through massage devices like the Theragun of Hypervolt.

Get more sleep

That’s right, sleep is the key to true post-workout recovery and freedom from really elongated muscle soreness. Getting quality sleep after working out ensures your muscles can repair themselves faster. Experts call it the secret ingredient of injury recovery as your body fills the muscles with oxygen and nutrients to repair muscles and regenerate cells when you’re in a deep sleep. 

Focus on getting 8 hours of quality sleep at least after working out. You’ll notice a big difference – even if you follow the previous two steps, a lack of sleep can still result in poor recovery and much longer recovery times. 
To summarise, getting older means your body takes longer to recover from working out. You should accept this, but you should also try to improve the recovery process so you’re not as sore as you otherwise would be. Standard things like drinking lots of water and eating plenty of protein will always help – just don’t forget to add the three things above for a bigger recovery boost.









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