Have Fun in the Sun by Avoiding these Summer Mistakes

summer mistakes

The hot weather is fast approaching, as spring gives way to summer. Fun in the sun is something most of us look forward to. But there are many summer mistakes we make that can be dangerous. Don’t let them ruin your summer holidays as you spend time with loved ones.

Not Pruning the Garden

Who doesn’t love a glorious garden? Especially in summer when the flowers are out, and bees go about pollinating everything. However, because of the stronger sunlight and showers, plants grow fast. Thus includes flowers, weeds and even trees! Tree lopping is something best left to professionals, as it is dangerous. For the rest of the garden, you can get stuck in the weeds or grab your power tools. Gardening is also a good way to pass the time and learn new skills.

Staying in the Sun

Of course, summer is best known for the sun. In places like the UK, we will take all we can get! Anything over 15 degrees, and there are bare chests and chicken legs everywhere! As pleasurable as the sun is, it can be perilous. Even if it is overcast and not particularly hot. The UV rays can be intense and will cause damage. Use a strong sunscreen to avoid burns. However, burns are the least of your worries if you stay in the sun for too long without hydration.

Hydration Summer Mistakes

A whopping 75% of us don’t drink enough water. This is dangerous in the summer as your body loses more water in the hotter weather. Make sure you have plenty of water, juice or pop for hydration and top up with ice cubes to keep cool. If you want tea or coffee, opt for decaf options as the caffeine in these causes you to pee more, therefore losing more water! Food can also provide water. Fresh fruits such as melon, pineapple and bananas are specifically good for this.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Kicking back with an ice-cold beer or cocktail of your choice is a pleasure in the summer. However, alcohol, like caffeine, causes you to pee more and lose more water. It also actively dries out your system and skin. Drinking too much alcohol in summer will have a negative impact and cause you to make poor decisions, such as sitting in the sun for longer. There’s nothing wrong with a drink. But reduce how much and switch to alcohol-free versions.

Keeping Windows Closed

We all know that summer brings flies and other bugs. So it’s easy to just close the windows. But this is a mistake when it’s hot. Closing the windows will trap the heat inside, increasing the temperature. This means you have no reprieve from the heat when going back indoors. So, there’s no way for you to cool down. Open all the windows and doors to get a breeze going. This will help you stay cool. Just be sure to close them if you are planning on leaving the home. 


Not tending the garden is one of the biggest summer mistakes. Poor hydration is also a major issue during the heat. Keeping the windows closed is a problem when it’s hot outside.






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