Top Tips for Preparing Your Child for Nursery



As a toddler heading to an unknown place will give them a lot of anxiety. Separation from their parents, making friends, socialising and other concerns for a child can make for tearful moments. Preparing your child in advance can reassure both you and your child so that they can develop those essential skills. Here are some top tips.

Talk about the journey of heading to nursery

When your child is heading to nursery for the first time it will probably be a little jarring for them. It’s important to reassure your child that nursery school will be a great learning experience, and it helps your child get into the routine of heading to their nursery school a bit easier. It will still be quite overwhelming for children at first, but they will learn to enjoy the process the more normalised these conversations are to them.

Explore trial days

Not every nursery school will provide these, but trial days could be an option you explore to help your child learn what their days are going to look like. If trial days or open days are not an option at your local nursery, you could bring them to the nursery school and have a brief tour of the area beforehand.

Play dates are another option you could explore. If your child is already friends with another child in the class then it can make things a lot easier in the first few weeks.

Establish a good routine early on

Getting your child used to the routine of waking up, deciding their clothes with them, and eating in the mornings will reassure your child a lot more. They slowly become more comfortable with the process every morning, and it will guide your child through keeping a good routine in place when they eventually head to big school.

These moments will also help your child with their independence. They are learning every day how to look after themselves, which can make them feel happier to head to nursery every morning and not worry.

Give them a comforting item

In the first weeks of nursery it’s not uncommon to see an upset child who is overwhelmed with this new environment. With that in mind, you can give your child something to remind them of you. Normally a small blanket or a teddy that smells like you can give them the reassurance they need. And oftentimes that’s all they need to keep them ticking along, ready for you to pick them up at the end of another fun day.

Should you ever feel you need some extra guidance on supporting your child when they first start attending nursery, we recommend contacting a Private Nursery in Monmouthshire to discuss your needs.







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