How to Foster Your Child’s Imagination

develop your child's imagination



You wouldn’t be surprised to hear how much nurturing your child’s imagination will help with their mental health, confidence and overall happiness. In a world that often pushes children to work harder in academic areas, creative subjects can fall to the wayside which is why it should be an area you explore with your child.

Imagination helps your child in a lot of areas. It allows children to explore new areas of their life; it helps them build their problem solving skills and teaches children to take calculated risks. Children are more approachable; they have more opportunities to explore issues through trial and error, and it makes for happier kids.

To help your child develop a good sense of imagination, here are some tips that this Nursery in East Moleseyrecommends.

Show that you value your child’s imagination

A good first approach is to allow your child to feel comfortable in being imaginary. It’s something we all do and should be encouraged to explore from a young age and will help your child enjoy their nursery school activities a lot more as well. When you see opportunities to communicate with your child let them take the lead. If they want to play with a random object, play along with them. Help your child feel comfortable to be curious.

Show your playful side

Having fun isn’t just a child’s only pastime, we should always feel like we can have fun and instil this mindset into our children. Showing that you are just as willing to be creative and want to show your curiosity and imagination will encourage your child to do the same. You are going to be your child’s biggest role model, so lean into that and show them what you can learn from being curious.

Have open conversations

Talking openly with your child will encourage them to express their own thoughts and feelings. To improve your child’s confidence in communication and socialising with others it’s a good environment to facilitate at home and in the outside world. Creative people should always feel happy to have good conversations with anyone that interests them, so encouraging that in your child will help them find creative outlets.

Creativity is a good aspect that everyone should nurture and it provides a foundation between you and your child. It will ultimately equip your child for the best success in their future, both in school and in real life.


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