The Importance of Pastoral Care in Schools

Pastoral care is a feature that many private schools will offer that ensures the safety and wellbeing of students. They will help your child with their mental health, as well as working with them to give practical solutions that will help both with their studies and their motivation to pick up other things. As many London boarding schools will offer this feature to help enrich children during their time in school, it’s an important aspect that shouldn’t be dismissed.

Here are some reasons why pastoral care is very important in schools and how it will help your child develop new skills and opportunities.

Improves happiness in children

Children are more likely to be happy, approachable and understandable to common issues that come up in school life. There are a lot of problems that can arise during school time and pastoral care will allow children to become more aware of their feelings and emotions. In being able to recognise different emotions your child will become more confident and happy in their surroundings.

Better academic performance

As improved mental wellbeing and confidence grows in children that do take advantage of greater support from teachers and staff, so does improved academic performance. It will make your child feel motivated to explore new aspects of subjects they are learning about and enjoy the time they spend in school each day.

Schools will always want to try their best to make children feel happy and safe in an environment they will be frequenting each week. It should always feel like a safe space for children, especially when they will be spending many years building their skills.

Teaches children important life skills

Life skills will be essential to your child’s development as they grow older. A lot of these skills shape children by developing character through new opportunities, open conversations and problem solving. With these in mind, your child is more likely to have a more developed world view, enjoy their independence which will help them in adult life.

Pastoral care will help children feel comfortable talking to their teachers or even staff employed to specialise in pastoral care and support. There could be a number of issues concerning your child that can be remedied by staff who can offer a new perspective. One on one sessions with teachers, drop-in sessions or group conversations with students are prime examples of pastoral care in schools.

So don’t dismiss the importance of pastoral care. They will guide your child through the many difficult moments in life, and it should be a part of school life your child appreciates. It’s also vital that staff are given the proper training to support students in the best way, however.






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