How to Identify your Child’s Learning Style

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When it comes to learning, you will notice that no two children take the same approach. Taking the time to understand your child’s learning style will ensure that they have the chance to study more efficiently. As a parent, you will then be able to discuss your child’s needs with their teacher at school to ensure they have a smooth sailing academic experience. It also helps you determine the best extracurricular activities for your child to participate in. Here are some tips from this sixth form in Reigate on how to identify your child’s learning style. 

Visual learner

Individuals who are visual learners, process information best when they are presented through images or text. Some children find it much easier to remember information by recalling an image, graph or something that they previously wrote down. They are generally quite observant of the world around them and pay particular attention to details such as art. You can identify if your child is a visual learner by looking at certain characteristics such as if they prefer to watch a video over reading or show an interest in art.

Auditory learner

Auditory learners understand information best by listening. Children who prefer an auditory style of learning like to have information demonstrated verbally and given instructions orally as well. Those with this learning style will benefit and engage better when listening to information being delivered. The best way to identify an auditory learner is if they enjoy talking and demonstrate the ability to pick up sounds that others don’t particularly notice. 

Kinaesthetic learner

This style of learning incorporates a lot of practical work. These learners benefit the most when taking a hands-on approach. Kinaesthetic learners usually show strength in the sports or other physical activities that require balance. An easy way to identify this type of individual is by keeping an eye on the gestures they make when they speak and if they fidget a lot when sat in one space to learn.











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