5 Important Life Skills to Explore With Your Child

life skills


Life skills are one of the biggest gifts you could ever give to your child. This is because these skills are what will pave their way towards an easy and successful future. Important life skills include problem-solving, decision making, personal hygiene, communication and even learning how to cook. However, there is an abundance of children that grow up without ever being introduced or shown how to perfect these skills. As a parent, it is important that you don’t wait until your child is too old. Get a head start when it comes to teaching your child these lessons. Below is a guide that discusses 5 important life skills to explore with your child, as advised by this private school in Battersea

Decision making skills

Being able to make good decisions is a crucial skill that every individual needs in order to have a smooth sailing life. It is a skill that can be introduced when a child is very young which is why it is a good place to start. For example, you can teach your child through the very basics such as black or white socks for school. Walk your child through the options and help them understand why one may be a better choice than the other.

Personal hygiene

Your child is never too young to understand the importance of personal hygiene. Explaining to your child the reasons as to why we are always making sure they have brushed their teeth or washed their hands, can help them take on these practices better. Healthy habits should be established to ensure better wellbeing too.


A child as young as the age of five is more than capable to learn how to prepare simple dishes. This doesn’t mean they need to learn how to cook 3 course meals, but simple foods such as a sandwich. Once they reach an age where they are able to understand how to safely use electrics, you can introduce them to a toaster or microwave. 

Money management

Children are taught how to count and given a piggy bank to save up their pocket money before they spend it after a couple weeks. However, one thing that isn’t really discussed is how to manage and spend it wisely. This skill is one that will prepare them for the day they start earning themselves.


It may be easier to get chores done the first time by yourself, however, allowing your child to take part will ensure they gain a life skill that will keep them neat and tidy for the rest of their lives.









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