Bringing Home, A French Bulldog: How to Prepare for Their Arrival


Nothing beats the pitter-patter of little feet running across the floor to greet you after a hard day’s work. Or scooping a little bundle into your arms for snuggles on the sofa while you watch T.V. together. Of course, we are talking about puppies here, nothing else. 

Joking aside, bringing home a dog promises several things, unconditional love, companionship, and constant entertainment. This knowledge is backed up by other dog owners and science itself, as research suggests that humans are happier, healthier, less prone to stress, and even more attractive. 

However, your house needs to be puppy-proofed before you bring home your new bundle of joy. As we’re sure, your little Frenchie won’t look as adorable when shredding your favourite rug or chewing through your laptop charger! 

So, to ensure no accidents occur, we’ve outlined how to prepare for your Frenchie’s arrival below. It covers taking out dog insurance, puppy-proofing your home, what toys to buy, and much more. Keep reading to find out more.


Puppy-Proof Your Home 

Like small children, puppies are incredibly inquisitive and eager to explore the world around them. However, unlike children, puppies have tiny sharp teeth and claws that can cause much damage if you don’t put preventative measures in place. 

Like babies, puppies cannot differentiate between right and wrong or safe and unsafe. Therefore, it is best to start your puppy-proofing efforts by purchasing a stairgate, which can be used to confine your pup to one room when you’re in another. 

In addition to purchasing a stairgate, you might also want to consider removing any small objects and hiding any cables, extension cords, or plugs hanging out of sockets. You might also look at placing any medications high up, as this will reduce anything being swallowed, chewed, or damaged. 


Take Out Dog Insurance

It’s never too soon to get dog insurance, and when you bring your four-legged friend home, the last thing going through your mind is the thought of them getting sick or injured. However, an illness or accident can happen at any time. It’s always better to be prepared than sorry, which is why it’s essential to get dog insurance right from the beginning. 

Failure to get relevant dog insurance could mean you’ll have to foot the bill if your dog develops an illness or is injured in an accident, which can be extremely costly. If you come to take out dog insurance later, you could find that your premium is higher or that your coverage area is smaller due to their age or any pre-existing conditions your dog may have. 

Fortunately, many dog insurance providers offer varying coverage levels, like the options from Purely Pets, whether you want to take out a limited plan or a more in-depth one. Although dog insurance typically covers you for vet’s fees, their plans feature many more benefits, from 24/7 video calls with a vet to being able to manage your policy online. 


Purchase Grooming Supplies

Frenchies are most known for looking like an adorable cross between a pig and a bat, and ultimately you want to keep them looking as cute as possible, which is where grooming comes in. Despite their deceptive short-haired appearance, Frenchies need much care and attention as they are more prone to dirt and dust due to their wrinkly faces (plus, it keeps them looking and smelling great!). 

Research the kinds of grooming products a French Bulldog puppy needs and stock up on them well before you bring your puppy home so that you’ve got them to hand should your furry friend need a bath within those first few days. Your kit should include hypoallergenic shampoo, a brush, fragrance-free facial wipes, and fish oil. 

Ensure that you pay extra attention to cleaning between their skin folds, as these areas are prone to the build-up of natural oils and dirt, making them susceptible to infection. It would be best if you also brushed them a couple of times weekly to help eliminate dead skin cells and promote oil distribution. 


Stock Up On Food And Treats

You’ll need to prepare your pantry before your pup’s arrival. From high-quality food to tasty treats to reward good behaviour, nutrition is essential for a growing dog and should be one of your top priorities. You can ask your breeder for advice during the early stages before you bring your pup home, as they will know what is best to feed your dog. 

Additionally, it might also be worth asking your breeder what type of food they’ve been feeding your pup, as switching to another after they’ve gotten used to one can cause digestive issues, and the last thing you want is to be cleaning up sick or worse diarrhoea in the first few days. 

It also doesn’t hurt to ask if they have any treat recommendations. Not only do you want something tasty that will motivate your Frenchie to learn behaviours, but you also want something that will be quite literally a ‘treat’ for them to eat after doing something good. Start with smaller treats first, then work your way up to larger treats as your pup grows. 


Buy Some Puppy Toys

Although Frenchies are a small breed, don’t let their size fool you. They are more than capable of making a meal out of small, low-quality puppy toys, so it’s essential to stock your home with durable ones. Fortunately, the market is saturated with loads of the best-reviewed dog toys to cure your pup’s boredom and save your beloved furnishings from becoming their next chew toy. 

An excellent option for Frenchie puppies is toys that force them to use their brains, like puzzle toys, where you can hide treats inside and watch as they paw, chew, and shake their way to their prize. Toys like this help your Frenchie develop their thinking and reasoning skills, since they are a breed that is known for their intelligence and curiosity. 

There you have it, a few ways to help you prepare before your French Bulldog arrives at their new home.







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