How to Prepare Your Guest Bedroom for Christmas


We do this every year, don’t we?

We get to December and subliminally go through the rite of passage that we, without fail, go through every, single year.

‘It’s almost Christmas already! Where did this year go?”

Have you said it yet?

So, are you one of those organised ones that had everything bought, wrapped, labelled and sorted by July or are you more, shall we say, relaxed about Christmas?

If you are the former then good for you. I used to be like that too. If you are the latter, this post is probably more for your kind. Our kind, I should say.

With not very long at all left and a list as long as your arm, here are some quick and easy tips to get your guest bedroom ready for Christmas.



If your guest room doubles up as a storage room full of knick knacks and things you might need at some point but haven’t used in an eternity, it is time to clear it out.


Get rid.

Donate or dump what you have not used in forever, the decision is yours, but do something about it.

The stuff you want to keep, well, put it away somewhere else that is more permanent storage for it. Your guest room is not the place.


Invest in a new bed

The type of guest beds you choose will of course be dependent on the size of the room and its primary use.

Storage beds are a fantastic option – remember the ‘declutter’ part at the start of this post? If you can’t dump or donate it, simply hide it. Ottoman beds are great, offering a lot of space within the base with an easy to lift system. Alternatively, you could opt for a divan bed option with drawers. There are plenty of different styles of these, from two drawer to four drawer – even three drawer bases available. Storage is no longer an issue if you utilise every piece of space available. And there won’t be any unsightly objects sticking out from under the bed either!

If your guest room is considerably small you may want to turn to a day bed. These beds are effective for box rooms in particular, due to the little space they take up. They then have the advantage of being converted into double beds when required. This is ideal if you only occasionally need the room for sleeping.


Clean Up

Give the room a proper clean, will you? Dust the skirting boards, run the hoover around and give it a sparkly fresh feel.

Add some finishing touches, such as fresh flowers. Not only does it look pretty, it makes your room smell great and is a much better, natural option than chemical-based air fresheners.

You could also add a candle or two to the room. That gives a relaxing ambience and is one of my favourite treats. Yes, that’s a hint for Christmas.


A Quick Makeover

Give the room a quick paint and it will be fresh and clean with a whole new look.

The colour palette is important whatever the size of your room but keeping it pale for smaller rooms is particularly key. The colours you select can have a great impact on how big the room appears or its overall feel.

If your guest room doubles up as an office, or has a multifunctional purpose, you could consider colour blocking to create more clear zones within it.


Change Curtains for a Totally Different Look

A set of new curtains can change the look of a room entirely. You can mix and match a look by keeping walls neutral and using the curtains and cushions as the colourful accessory pieces. By doing so you can create a number of different looks regularly and without much outlay.

Keep out drafts by investing in thermal lined curtains if possible, and if you can opt for blackout lining, that’s even better for keeping the darker mornings going when the clocks change.


Snug Rugs

Adding a rug to a room can signal its transformation from the warmer to the colder months effectively, especially on wooden floorboards. Rugs have a homely, cosy feel. Who can argue that a soft, high piled rug makes stepping out of bed on the colder mornings much nicer under foot. You could choose a rug to match your room’s decor, or go for something completely bold and different for a contrast.



Lamps give a soft, comforting light which is just perfect for bedrooms. Go for something bright enough to be able to read by, but soft enough to give a snooze inducing glow.


What are your favourite tips to getting your guest room ready for Christmas? We would love to hear your inspiration.










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