Healthy Food Habits for our Kids. Where Do We Begin?

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All mothers and dads want to see their children eating vegetables and fruit and avoiding unhealthy snacks and sweets. Unfortunately, this dream will only come true if parents develop healthy eating habits in their kids. How to do that? When is it time to adjust to new eating habits? This article answers all the questions.

Start with the Very First Meal

When a baby is born, its first meal must be full of nutrients. What can it be? Breast milk is the perfect food for newborns. A mother has carried a baby for nine months, so her organism has developed the best food naturally in her breasts. If a mom cannot breastfeed, many companies produce the perfect baby formula to let a baby adapt to the world and respond to its surprises.

A parent can choose between the following types of baby formula:

  • goat’s formula
  • cow’s formula
  • vegan formula

The above-given types of baby food can include a special formula for babies with allergies, milk intolerance, indigestion, constipation, and meteorism. Parents should discuss the formula choice with a health specialist to guarantee the best nutrition to make their babies feel comfortable.

The First Lure Must Be Healthy and Safe

A six-month-old baby is ready to try adult food, but the main meal is still baby formula or breastmilk. If the first food is cookies or bread, the baby will refuse to eat vegetables and fruit in the future. 

The first meals must be processed (steamed, boiled, or baked) and blended because their consistency is essential. When babies get used to mashed or blended food, it will be necessary to introduce small but safe pieces of healthy products. One should not stick to one-type food because variety provides a baby with all the required macronutrients and micronutrients. 

Moreover, one should not give juice and tea to a baby because water is the best drink for all living beings. One can join other beverages to the daily menu only after a child gets used to drinking enough water to stay hydrated. 

Another rule to follow is not to add sugar and salt to weaning. A baby’s mouth receptors are sensitive and not yet properly developed. So, a lack of sugar and salt will make it dislike salty and sugary things later.

Experts suggest buying organic baby cereal except for homemade or jar food. Organic baby cereal has many nutrients that vegetables and fruit may lack. The top-chosen grains are:

  • semolina
  • oat
  • millet
  • corn
  • rice
  • muesli
  • spelt and wheat as supplementary ingredients

This food may come with powdered milk and fruit, including bananas, strawberries, and apples. It is easy to cook and store, so one can take it with and cook it when required. Everything a parent needs is organic baby cereal (the portion mentioned on a package) and milk or water at the proper temperature. One can heat milk or water and use a thermo cup to keep it warm.

Buy Products and Cook Together

To eat healthily, one needs to shop healthily, which means buying more fruit, white meat, fish, dairy, eggs, berries, nuts, and vegetables but avoiding sugary, salty, half-cooked, and greasy products. It is necessary to subscribe to healthy-food channels and watch videos about delicious meals without sugar, grease, and even gluten. 

There are many nutritious alternatives to ingredients that hurt us. For example, bananas, dried fruit, and honey are natural sweeteners. Shredded coconut, oats, and nuts can replace wheat flour in cakes and cookies. Instead of french fries cooked in hot oil, one can sprinkle cut potatoes with oil, season them with preferable spices, and bake everything in the oven. In other words, food must be tasty and healthy.


A person develops habits throughout life. Consequently, you should develop the required habits from the first days of your child’s life, but don’t forget to show a good personal example. If you smoke, drink alcohol, and consume too much fast food, your baby will copy you sooner or later. So, you should also change your eating habits and prefer healthier food to highlight the value of products full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy carbs and fats. Cook meals together and make them tasty and attractive to help your child fall in love with healthy eating habits.










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