Where Can You Find the Best UK Holiday Lodge Location?

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When it comes to finding the perfect location to spend a staycation, there are many places up and down the UK to choose from – but which is best for you?

Whether you’re thinking of renting or want to buy a holiday lodge of your own to escape the autopilot of life whenever you like from places such as https://www.awayresorts.co.uk/holiday-homes/lodges/, for example, there’s one main thing you need to consider – location!

With this in mind, we wanted to show you just a handful of the many places you could find a lodge, perfect for you and the dream staycation you’re looking for.

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One part of the country that’s considered by many looking to holiday within the UK, is none other than Cornwall. This great location is home to luscious beaches and Atlantic waves – perfect for surfers and water sport enthusiasts – and not forgetting its delicious food and drink such as Cornish pasties and homegrown cider.

Cornwall can be found on the Southwest coast, where the Atlantic waves head towards the shore, making it one of few places classed as a surfer’s paradise. So if you’re looking for a sandy beach and water sport-filled holiday, Cornwall could be a place to consider.

As Cornwall is predominantly rural, you have the option to either find a lodge close to the shore or more inland within the idyllic woodland areas within the county. This is a great option for those who’d rather explore the countryside rather than the shoreline.


Home to the iconic red dragon, rolling hills and plenty of homegrown talents such as Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ruth Jones, Wales could be your place of choice when it comes to staycating within the UK.

With both coastline and rural countryside to choose from, there are plenty of picturesque locations within the Welsh lands that would be perfect to own a lodge in.

If you’re into history and immersing yourself in places dripping with historical references, Wales could be the location for you. Visit places such as Raglan Castle, Powis Castle and Gardens and Caerphilly Castle, just to name a few.

However, if you’re more of an adrenaline seeker, how about zipping down the world’s fastest zip line, Zip World Velocity 2, whilst taking in the stunning sights of Snowdonia?

Could the Welsh hills be featured in your future holiday views?


Have you ever considered having a staycation in bonnie Scotland?

Much of its landscape is still untouched by the modern world, yet has played the backdrop to many movie magic moments. Remember the famous Glen Finnan Viaduct in Harry Potter, or the landscape of Glen Coe seen before the burning of the English fortress in Braveheart? And who could forget the iconic movie moment of Bond, M and his Aston Martin DB5 taking a break on their drive through the Scottish landscape to admire Glen Etive?

All these locations and more are accessible to view and visit whilst holidaying in Scotland.

Whether you want to make a day of it and visit as many iconic movie locations during your stay, or just explore the landscape near your lodge, there’s certainly an abundance of things to see and explore with each visit.

With many other locations to choose from when looking to purchase a lodge of your own, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Is the location close or easy to get to? If you choose a location that’s far away, will you visit regularly or little?
  • Does the location fit the perfect holiday for you and your family? Water sports, activities, walking trails?
  • Does the accommodation meet your needs? Do you need a ramp or wheelchair access? Is there enough space for all to stay comfortably?
  • Does the location and lodge meet your budget?

When putting everything into consideration, which location is best for you?







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