5 Simple Home Improvement Projects For Your New House

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As humans, it is in our DNA to make things better – even though every dating app would have you believe otherwise. For the rest, we like to make things pretty and enjoyable – beauty is the spice of life.

Home improvements like fitting herringbone flooring aren’t just for aesthetic value either, by undertaking the right projects you can add loads of value to your property and ensure that you get a favorable return one day when you decide to sell it.

If you’ve ever wished that you could give your home a makeover, but you have the foggiest clue where to start – you’re in luck. This article will show you five of the simplest ways to revamp your home and give it a fresh, new look.


Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a house built in the 70s will know what we’re talking about. Dated fixtures can add decades to the face of your home. Ditch the frosted or stained glass in the living and dining areas and replace them with contemporary glass fixtures.

One of the quickest ways to modernize a space is by adding Edison bulbs, whether in a full-on chandelier format or just a singular pendant – these bulbs have a way of attracting attention for all the right reasons.


A quick and cost-effective way to overhaul the interior or exterior of your house is to repaint. There are hundreds of thousands of colors on the market, all with divinely luxurious texture finishes.

Grab a few color swatches or be tech-savvy and use an app – whichever way you choose, just make sure you get an idea of what the room will look like afterwards. Make sure that you choose a color that will complement the rest of what you’ve got going on – there is no such thing as cottage-chic if you’ve chosen a bright purple wall color.


If your house is smaller and cozier, you may be tempted to put up mirrors everywhere to give the illusion of space and light. While some mirrors are always great for enhancing a design space, too many can make your room look like it belongs in a house of horrors.

Instead of battling to fake space, you should choose to create it. Shelves, when placed correctly, can offer more storage space, and use negative design space that was otherwise going wasted.

When house hunting, scour the North Carolina real estate market for hidden gems and gorgeous houses filled with classic accents and tasteful décor.

Accent Walls

An accent wall is a divine way to draw attention to a single wall in a room. Generally, an accent or feature wall is painted or wallpapered boldly and creatively – which makes them the perfect way to lay down the foundation and solidify the theme of that room.

Kitchen Renovation

The average kitchen renovation more than pays for itself. While it may not make financial sense to upgrade all your appliances at once, replacing them over time will add value to your home and make it seem newer.

Kitchen renovations can get somewhat costly, so do the math and work out your budget for the project first. Good luck, and enjoy living in your recently revamped sanctuary.









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