Top Five Food That Goes Great With Wine



Wine takes around three to four months to be bottled from the time you start the batch and as it said wine improves with age. The older it gets the better you will like it. Fernande Garvin quoted about wine that, “wine makes a symphony of a good meal”. Drinking such a perfect craft without good food is an insult to this 8000-year-old beverage. 

Here is a list of delicious good food that goes with wine and will add luxury to your leisure time:


Tomato-based dishes

Tomato-based Italian dishes like pizza or pasta is one food combination that goes beautifully with wine. The reason behind it is the acidity of the tomatoes that blend perfectly with the acidity and fruitiness of the wine. Generally, this combination leaves you with a metallic aftertaste. The wine which goes perfect with tomato-based Italian dishes is Sangiovese. This wine has a fruity flavour to it and has a fine rose and cherry fragrance to it.   


Seafood dishes

Seafood is something that compliments almost all wine because of the subtle and delicate flavour that seafood has. Wine is a beverage with a strong and complex flavour and eating something equally complex will overpower the taste of the wine. Get a best wine subscription and pair it with various seafood to taste divine. Seafood dishes enhance the flavour of wine and blends perfectly with a glass of wine like Pinot Grigio. 



Wine and cheese are ageless companions and one can go for this combination in any texture or flavour without a doubt. The acidity and sweetness of wine compliment the buttery and salty flavour of cheese so well that this combination might become your comfort meal for life. Wine like Rose pairs all kinds of cheesy dishes, be it grilled cheese sandwiches or cheesy Italian pasta.


Melon and prosciutto

Melon and prosciutto are known as the best party appetizer especially when there is wine involved. This is because it is an extremely simple dish to prepare and this savoury bite compliments the sweetness and acidity of the wine perfectly.

 The wine that blends perfectly with melon and prosciutto is Prosecco because this floral flavour wine complements the saltiness of the prosciutto and the sweetness of the melon. 


Barbecue steak and other red meat dishes

The smokey flavour of barbecue with wine will never disappoint you. And when you barbecue a nice steak or other red meat, it gets a very rich, smokey and balanced flavour which is impossible to go wrong with a nice glass of sweet, and floral flavouring wine. 

A glass of sweet wine will help you in cutting down the heaviness of the meat and will leave your heart perfectly satisfied. The wine that suits the best for this combination would be either Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon. 



Other food options blend beautifully with wine such as fruits, earthy dishes that use a lot of vegetables and herbs, pork dishes or spicy meats, and snacks like chips. The intense flavour of these food items complements the fruitiness and floral flavour of wine perfectly. 

Now that you exactly know what you want for your dinner, cook that amazing meal for your loved ones and have an amazing leisure time with your family and friends. 










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