What to Pack for a Day at the Beach



The season’s ongoing heatwave means lots of people will be thinking about slipping away from work early, heading out to the nearest patch of sand, and taking a dip in the ocean.

A day at the beach is a great way to relax and escape the everyday stress of life. It’s also an ideal getaway if you want to spend time with your family and friends. Indeed, getting the most of your summer days is fun. But if you forget something important, it can be a real bummer. Here are the essentials you need to pack to make sure your day at the beach is fun and hassle-free.


Beach Towel

A bath towel is an obvious must-bring, but there are some things to look out for when shopping for your towel. These include the size of the towel, how thick it is, and whether it is soft to touch. Pick one that suits your liking so you will be comfortable on it.

You might need a large towel if you are sharing it with someone else, so there’s enough space for both of you. Just don’t forget-the bigger the towel, the more difficult it will be to bring with you on your day out.



It’s best to sport a hat when you are out in the sun so your face and head will stay protected from the heat of the sun. It’s also good to wear hats that come with detachable side flaps, like bucket hats. This way, if you’re lying down, the flap will protect your face from the sun. And if you’re sitting up, you can detach it and use it to shield your eyes instead.



Unfortunately, even when there aren’t a lot of clouds in the sky, or it’s raining outside, there’s a high chance that the sun’s harmful UV rays still make it through. So if you’re out and about, you should protect yourself with sunscreen at all times. Look for waterproof sunscreen that is also sweat-resistant if you plan to sweat a lot on your trip.



Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothes. If you’re planning to do some diving, wearing rashguards might keep you from scratching yourself up on the corals under the water. These are also good to have if you want to protect your skin from jellyfish stings or sea lice-which can happen whether you’re swimming in the ocean or just standing by the water’s edge.

If you’re planning to stay for a few hours, don’t forget to bring an extra shirt-especially if it’s one that’s soaked with sweat from all your swimming and sunbathing. This way, you can change into something clean after spending some time under the sun.


Shower Essentials

It’s also best to bring a set of shower essentials with you in your bag. After swimming, you can use it to freshen yourself off before leaving the beach. A lightening body scrub is also good if you want to prevent dark patches from showing up.

A moisturizer with a firming effect is also ideal to have, so you can maintain that summer glow even after heading home for the day.


Flip Flops

You should always wear footwear when you’re on the beach-especially if it’s just by the water’s edge. It won’t be fun if sharp stones are hidden underneath the sand, which you could accidentally step on.

Flip flops are great to have when going out to the water or walking around on a sandy beach. You can wear them before and after entering the ocean, leave them by your bag when you’re swimming, and slip it back on once you’re done.


Waterproof Backpack or Bag

When you’re out on a day at the beach, it’s best to keep everything that you need in one place so you won’t lose anything along the way. A water-resistant backpack or bag is excellent for this. This way, you can also keep your belongings safe from the water.


First Aid Kit

It’s always a good idea to bring a first aid kit, even if you’re going out for a day at the beach. This way, you can tend to your wounds and treat any scratches you might get-no matter how light they are. You may not think that these minor wounds will bleed too much, but you should still have a first aid kit at the ready.

If you’re planning to spend an entire day at the beach, there are many things you need to pack. We’ve mentioned some essentials, but it’s also crucial that you personalize them according to your individual needs. Use these tips to prepare for your next trip, and you’ll indeed have a happy time enjoying the sand and waves.







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