13 Signs You’re Dating Someone with an Abusive Personality


You are entering an abusive relationship, you must be naive, right? You will be amazed at how smart and collected the females the deceived actually are.

But these abusive, narcissistic people are common scammers – and often very charming to boot. After all, how many times have you heard others refer to an abuser as having been ‘such a nice guy!’

You are looking for a single man to date, and you find him. At first everything was fine, he was caring, attentive. After all, once you fall in love with him, his destructive natural qualities will begin to manifest.

Anger, dominance, passion, jealousy, or aggression are all clear warning signs of finding a romantic partner. However, most bullies can become aware of their behaviour during communication.

The good news is that there are various signs that a man is abusive even before he raises his hand against you. However, it is equally important to know how to break up with an emotionally abusive relationship.


Wants to Be With You Nonstop

The predator attempts to isolate its victim from all contacts and rescue. An abuser understands that if you have supporting relatives and friends in your life, they won’t be able to get away with disrespecting anyone. That’s why they’ll gradually try to persuade you to spend as much time as possible with them, causing you to lose all of your relationships.


Jealousy and Insecurity

Jealousy does not appear to be a pretty clear indication of controlling and aggressive tendencies. Even if it’s slight, envy has the power to be destructive. When jealousy evolves into fanaticism, it becomes toxic. The more obsessed we become with anything, the more our imaginations take control, obscuring reality and reasonable thought.


Controlling Behaviours

The controlling partner wants you to be isolated from everything else in your world except themselves. Your mates and relatives will not identify the signals of violence and will not come to your rescue as a result. The majority of abusers want you to be completely reliant on them and nobody else.

Your companion may appear too concerned with your social relationships or monitor your daily habits without respecting your wishes. Even little remarks that threaten your autonomy might be used to exert control.


Quick to Commit

Before they would be proposed to, wedded, or lived together, many abused women were dating their abusers for a little less than a few months. An abusive boyfriend will put a lot of pressure on the girlfriend to devote to the romance to the point where she will feel ashamed if she chooses to slow things down or end it.

Guys that move too quickly don’t tend to respect boundaries. It’s not charming whenever anyone cares so much about you that he doesn’t give a damn whether you’re content. Ensure that any guy you’re attracted to has respect for your degree of satisfaction in all ways.


Need to Isolate

Psychological abuse is frequent and affects patients from different walks of society. The impact on victims’ connections with friends and family members is particularly notable. Abusers frequently persuade their victims that nobody ever cares. Victims of isolation may feel cut off from friends and family, and even themselves due to their disconnection.


Quickly Shifts Blame/It’s All Your Fault

When you decide to stick with an abusive relationship, you will undoubtedly be held responsible for anything and everything that goes badly in their lives. An abusive girlfriend or boyfriend would never take accountability for his or her actions. Victims are frequently led to think they are to blame for their suffering and misery, making it far more difficult to stop the loop.


Always Feels Attacked

An abuser is easily triggered, saying that his ego has been harmed while, in reality, he is enraged or sees even minor setbacks as personal attacks. He’ll rage about the inequity of events that have occurred, events that are a part of everyday life.


Disrespectful or Cruel to Others

They like the feeling of superiority they get when they influence the person they’re harming and enjoy dating someone emotionally abused. Many of these individuals lack confidence in their daily lives, therefore when they meet anyone on whom they can project that emotion, they take full advantage of it, and some seek out such personalities.


Denies Stories of Being Abusive in Past

The abuser may claim that he may have previously abused women but then blames others for such behaviour. Their family or ex-partners could also have warned you about his physical aggression. If the pattern continues long enough for assault to be initiated, an abuser will mistreat whatever person they are with.


Split Personality / Short Fuse

Most adults go through regular highs and lows, but it becomes an issue when one’s relationship is affected. Unpredictable abusers frequently treat their targets with presents and attention following an incident, only to get violent again soon after. This uncontrolled attitude is usually solely directed at a weak partner who will not confront them.


Puts You Down

Most abusers who primarily employ verbal and physical abuse will mistreat you like a misbehaving kid, scolding and punishing you while demeaning and pointing out your every flaw.

They must demonstrate how they are wiser, more compassionate, or more accomplished than their counterparts.


Disrespects Your Belongings

The destruction of prized goods is performed as a punishment, although it is primarily meant to scare the person into obedience. To intimidate their lover, the abuser may slam his hand on the table or toss items around or close them, which is quite traumatic, especially when dating an emotional abuse for a while.


Controls With ‘Fear of Violence’

You may believe you’re at risk if your boyfriend threatens you in any manner. Blackmail, promises of bodily violence or suicidal behavior, or other frightening words are examples of this. They frequently have the very same goal: To force someone into a position of submission, weakening them.

While quitting an abusive situation, it’s essential to consider who you are and what you deserve. It was never easy to accept that you’ve been mistreated, but this isn’t okay to punish yourself.

Even if you’re not the one who is being abused, seeing somebody you care about suffer may be heartbreaking. If you suspect a family member or close friend is in an unhealthy relationship, offer comfort without judging their decision to stay in an abusive relationship.









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