How to Build and Organize Cabinets in an RV?


When you are touring across the country in your RV, you need to carry a lot of stuff with you to enjoy. While driving an RV seems like a fun experience, it requires a lot of work and planning.

Since you are unsure what lies ahead on a bumpy road, one jerk and all the stuff you might carry can scatter everywhere. So, it is best to have proper RV cabinets to utilize the space effectively, safeguard your possessions and make the RV more usable. 


How to build RV cabinets

Building cabinets for RV is a job for professionals. But you can also make it yourself if appropriately planned. You can build them as per your taste, preferences, and liking. Here are some steps on how you can build the cabinets in your RV. 

  • Plan and measure everything – Firstly, you should measure everything correctly and plan the cabinets accordingly. You must start working with the actual space and calculate how much distance you can designate for the cabinets. Once you have the sizing and measurements figured out, you can plan how many cabinets you can put. While planning, it is best not to plan one single unit as it will be difficult to install it in the RV. After all the measurements and planning, you must list all the items and tools you might need to complete the job. 
  • Make the frame of the cabinetsYou can start by making the frames as per the measurements you took earlier. It would help if you used heavy-duty and reliable plywood to make the frame of your cabinets. You can use wood glue along with nails to secure the structure. Moreover, you must ensure that the cabinets are even by using a building square. 
  • Install the cabinetsUsing a level and mounting bracket, you can attach the cabinets to the wall. Once you have mounted the frame properly, you can start installing the cabinet doors and hinges in the cabinets. 


How to organize the RV cabinets efficiently

While you are on the road, you need to use every inch of space judiciously. So, you must organize the cabinets carefully to maximize the space you have. 

  • Utilize the space on the cabinet doors

You can use the insides of the cabinet doors and use them as hanging organizers or hanging baskets. You can put up bags or put a small dustbin inside the cabinet doors. 

  • Utilize the space at the top

The top most cabinet may have some space empty above them, and you should not keep that space unused. 

  • Use tension rods

While you are traveling, you will face numerous potholes and ditches along your way. So, you must use tension rods in your cabinets to prevent the items from rattling inside.  

  • Keep flat items vertically

Flat items like plates, pans, and baking sheets, must be stored vertically to utilize the space. So ensure that the cabinets are tall enough to keep items vertical.

So, these are some ways in which you can both build and organize cabinets in your RV.




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