Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Offer Guidance to the Community

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Working to change people’s lives through better nutrition for more than 40 years, Herbalife Nutrition has emphasized the power of education since its very inception. It has a long history of reaching out through its chain of independent distributors to advise the greater Herbalife community on a range of topics that relate to healthy eating. 

The Herbalife of today supports comprehensive nutrition education through several targeted communication platforms. Chief among these platforms are its Herbalife Nutrition Clubs and its network of healthy eating experts. 

Herbalife Nutrition Club

Independent distributors Enrique Varela and Graciela Mier established the very first Herbalife Nutrition Club in Mexico roughly 15 years ago. 

Today, Herbalife supports approximately more than 70,000 Nutrition Clubs that span the globe. These organic and individualized groups are a place for people to gather, whether virtually or in person, to enjoy good nutrition and work toward shared wellness goals in an extremely friendly and socially engaged environment.

Its Nutrition Clubs are a great example of exactly how Herbalife sets itself apart from its competitors. The personal nature of these groups, the customized nutrition plans, motivational messages, and helpful resources are designed to bolster values of accountability and lead clients to measurable results. As company officials put it, “Having a supportive community of caring people who will encourage you along your wellness journey and support your weight and fitness goals is at the heart of how [Herbalife] helps people change their lives and their communities.


Herbalife Healthy Eating Experts

With the benefit of Herbalife initiatives such as its Better Coaching program, Herbalife’s independent distributors serve as coaches to their customers and offer a broad spectrum of transformative support services. Over the years, Herbalife has found that close personal relationship building as an essential element in the journey toward personal health and wellness goals. And the best way to develop close personal relationships is through the provision of accurate and applicable information. 

In short, when it comes to healthy living, knowledge is power. From behavioral change to weight loss to athletic performance, Herbalife has worked tirelessly to create and support educational tools and learning platforms that can meet the unique training needs of each client.

Herbalife – Recognized for Excellence in Learning

No two people have nutritional needs that are the same. That’s why Herbalife Nutrition takes a multifaceted approach to teaching people about dietary matters and providing essential information for the consumer’s point of need. From the unique place of protein in bodily metabolism from integrating supplements into comprehensive dietary and fitness plans, Herbalife’s nutritional initiatives have been garnering industry honors and accolades for years. 

In 2020, for example, Herbalife received recognition for developing and implementing an innovative mobile learning app that delivers interactive training to its independent distributors in an extremely convenient and efficient way. This app earned Herbalife a gold Excellence in Learning award in the category “Best Advance in Creating an Extended Enterprise Learning Program” from the global research firm the Brandon Hall Group.

In 2021, the Brandon Hall Group honored the Herbalife Better Coaching program with two Bronze medals. Herbalife medaled in Excellence in Learning for “Best Use of a Blended Learning Program” and in Excellence in Learning forBest Advance in Coaching and Mentoring.”

Building on these successes, Herbalife continues to strive for excellence in nutrition education on several fronts. It remains committed to informing and training both its independent distributors and its final customer base.








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