How Often You Should Get An Eye Exam

Your eyes are an essential part of your body, but they may not get the attention they deserve. You need to take care of them to last as long as possible. This includes getting an eye exam at least once a year. At this examination, your optometrist can identify any common issues with your eyesight before they get worse or start causing trouble. 

The sooner these problems are detected, the easier (and more affordable) it will be to fix them. If you wear contacts or glasses to see more clearly, you should get an eye exam every year. Many people might stop wearing glasses in their 20s because they think they don’t need them anymore, but this can lead to vision loss and other serious problems. 

As we age, our eyesight deteriorates, so going for an annual check-up is essential if we want to maintain our healthy eyes. There are many other benefits of going in for an eye exam, including:


  • It’s a Preventative Health Measure– Getting an eye exam is a preventative health measure towards your eyes’ health. They can check for any possible diseases or if something was done to your eye (accident, injury) and come up with solutions to mitigate any future risks that might arise to your eyes.
  • It Helps You Better Understand Your Vision– During an eye exam, the doctor will go over everything you see and what type of vision you have. It’s a way to understand our own eyesight better.
  • It Helps Your Health– The exam will check for any issues that could be hindering your vision or damaging the eyes, such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more.
  • It Gives You a Fresh Pair of Eyes– Sometimes all you need is to get your glasses updated. It’s essential to have an eye examination regularly so that you can see the world in all its glory.
  • It Gives You Peace of Mind– It’s best to know for sure if there are any issues than to wonder what could be happening and wait until something serious happens.
  • Getting Your Eyes Checked is Quick and Easy– The whole process shouldn’t take more than 15–20 minutes. The doctor will get all the information they need by looking at your eyes and examining them with a machine.


How Often Should You Go?

The frequency of eye exams depends on how often an individual wears contact lenses or, in some cases, glasses. People who wear contacts or use many eyeglasses should get examined every year because there is more risk for infection. 

Otherwise, people who don’t wear contacts or glasses should get examined every two years because the risks are not as high for this group of patients. However, these groups, too, need to be careful about their eye health.


What to Expect

Your exam will begin with your doctor examining you for any signs or symptoms affecting your vision. They are also looking for any red flags such as diabetes and high blood pressure. 

Next, they’ll examine your eyes by shining a light into them and checking for any irregularities. They’ll also measure the pressure inside of your eyeball with a device called a tonometer to make sure that it’s within normal limits. Finally, they’ll dilate your pupils so that they can get the best possible look at what is going on in there before giving you any recommendations. 

The best way to ensure that you maintain good vision for life is by seeking out an optometrist who can give you regular exams. They can catch any problems and decide if you might need progressive glasses, contacts, or to come in more regularly.


Final Verdict

The best answer to the question of how often you should get an eye exam is going to be different for everyone. Ultimately, you must decide which route to take to care of your eyesight. You should talk with your eye doctor about when you should come in so they can check on any changes regularly and ensure your vision stays healthy.









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