5 Ways to Treat Yourself This Winter


We have all heard that commercial that gives us the go ahead to treat ourselves because we’re worth it.

With the nights drawing in earlier, Christmas around the corner and the stress of the last couple of years, it is more important then ever to look after your mental health, and part of that is putting yourself first.

Here are five top tips to treat yourself this winter and beat those winter blues:


Turn your bedroom into a haven

A lack of a regular sleep routine plays havoc with your health. I know that when I am stressed, my brain runs away with me at all hours.

This then snowballs with me being tired and grumpy the following day, leaving me not very joyous to be around and extremely unproductive to boot.

Bedrooms should be a sanctuary to retire to. Somewhere cosy and comfy, where you can close the door to everything else, unwind and relax.

Get rid of any clutter, treat yourself to some new freshly washed and ironed bedsheets, grab a bargain or two from IDentity’s silk pyjamas sale, and light up a candle – none of that cheap IKEA stuff, give me something from The White Company any day!

Grab a book or your favourite magazine and just chill……


Look after your skin

Cold, harsh weather one moment, the blast of central heating the next, no wonder our skin doesn’t know quite how to react.

Winter weather is not at all kind to your skin so giving it a little more TLC than usual is important at this time of year.

The main tip is hydration, both outside and in. Moisturise more often and, yes, drink more. And by that I am referring to water, not wine. In fact, cutting down alcohol is always a winner for healthy skin, body and mind.

A great way to give your skin the TLC it deserves is to book a mobile facial in the comfort of your own home.


Book a short break – or plan next year’s longer one!

A change is as good as a rest and sometimes all we need is to get away from everything.

Breaking the everyday humdrum is a great way to refocus and reset. Whether it is a spa weekend away with friends or a diving holiday in Egypt, start making plans to get away now.


Look after your body

Yes, it is dark and cold and the last thing you feel like doing after work is putting on your trainers and going for a run but the truth is, your body needs to stay active to stay healthy.

If joining the gym or running mile after mile isn’t your cup of tea there are many other ways to reach the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week to keep you in tip top shape. How about starting a  joining me for a POUND! fitness class and rocking out and having a laugh with friends while you’re working out? It’s great fun and as for the stress relief, don’t even get me started!


Say no

It is easier to feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do and people you need to see at this time of year. Sometimes, you just need to say no.

That’s it.

No explanation or justification needed.

‘No’ is a complete answer.

So tell me, what will you do to treat yourself today?






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