Bathroom Aids Every Senior Needs in Their Home

Washrooms in your homes are the most common place where elders are prone to accidents. Investing in top bathroom safety equipment is an ideal choice when you stay with senior citizens.

You can find a plethora of washroom aids for the elderly on websites like The variety of choices and their functionalities can be overwhelming for a first-time user.

Read on to know which are the best products that you can buy for the safety of your old family members.

Grab Bars

According to recent reports, the global elderly and disabled assistive devices market size was estimated at around $23,009 million in 2018. It is anticipated to reach $35,599 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 5.5 per cent from 2019 to 2026.

Suction grab bars are one of the top bathroom safety equipment for older adults. These are a form of safety rails that attach to your wall with strong safety cups.

These are easy to install and detachable; they can be removed and fixed at different locations without damaging the bathroom walls. The lightweight grippers come in different styles like telescoping and pivot grip.

You can also add flexible gripping tapes that can secure the hold with a wet or oily hand.

Toileting Aids

Toileting aids can enhance safety and give elders a sense of independence while using the washroom. These tools help people suffering from different health conditions like incontinence, urination issues, Parkinson’s and dementia.

Some of the essential toilet usage equipment include:

  • Disposable contour mats that keep the toilet clean and tidy.
  • Non-electric toilet attachment for easy cleaning purposes.
  • Foldable and changeable commode or over toilet aid.
  • A raised toilet seat for people with back problems and hip injuries.
  • Toilet safety rails with adjustable height.
  • Anti-slip bathroom floor coating to avoid slipping on wet floors.
  • Bottom wipers for cleaning private parts independently.
  • Urinals and bedpans for elderly patients confined to their beds.
  • Cleaning bidets that come with remote control to adjust the water temperature.

Showering Equipment

You can find a wide range of showering chairs and stools. These aids are movable with open seats on wheels.

Automated shower chairs are of two types. A standard chair and a tilting or adjustable chair for extra movement. The stools come with padded seats to give ergonomic support to older people.

Other common types of bathing aids include:

  • Bath steps
  • Shower mats
  • Cast protectors for covering plasters on hands and legs while bathing
  • Back scrubbers with handle
  • Hand-held showers
  • Toe-washer
  • Bathroom trolleys to give a sponge bath for immobile patients
  • Bath boards to help elders get in and out safely from bathtubs. These come in different styles, shapes, and rough surfaces for better grip.
  • Sliding transfer benches with drainage holes to prevent dirty water from sticking on the surface. 

Final Thoughts

When you buy premium-quality bathroom aids, using the shower and toilet is no longer a nightmare for elders. They can be of great help to older people to maintain self-hygiene and reduce the risk of infections and injuries.

It is essential to check the material, customer reviews, and additional features before investing in an expensive bathroom aid for senior citizens.








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