Integration: Basic Tool of Calculus


Calculus is one of the most essential topics in mathematics, and it is taught to students in upper classes in schools and universities for engineering students. In everyday mathematics, calculus is the most advanced topic. It is one of the oldest fields of mathematics and a topic that students often find complex, but it can be readily mastered with consistent practice and hard work. Students in calculus typically learn about differentiation and how to employ differentiation formulae, as well as integration and how to find the area of a curve and many other topics. Integration and differentiation are the two pillars of calculus.

This article emphasizes integral calculus and discusses in detail all the possible tips which one should keep in mind so that one can master integral calculus and the formula used in integral calculus. Integration is the process to find out the antiderivative of the function. It is also used to find out the area of the curve under a particular region. You can find it by taking the proper limits.

Integration has a wide variety of applications in every field of science, let it be mathematics or physics. It is also applied for understanding and solving many problems in chemistry too. There are two types of integration that students study in mathematics.


  1. Definite integration: This integration is applicable when one needs to find out the area of the particular region or area under the curve. One can easily do that by finding the limit of the function. Solving definite integration is an easy process.
  • Find out the answer with the help of integration formula.
  • Put the upper as well as the lower limit.
  • Find out the answer by subtracting the upper limit from the lower limit.


  1. Indefinite integration: This type of integration is solved by simply applying the formula and simplification of the integration with different methods which one has studied in the beginning.


Here are some tips that you should keep in mind to remember integration and its basic formula.

  • Make a concise list of all the formulas on a single page, and attempt to write it in different colors if at all possible. This will make it much easier to revise the formula.


  • Every day, one should revise formulas until he or she feels confident that they have been grasped and that there is no risk of forgetting them.


  • While answering the questions, you should write down the formula that is utilized in the question; this will force the mind to brush up on and recall the formula regularly.


  • Every day, you must conduct a self-test. It can be accomplished by either writing down all of the formulas or administering an oral examination.


  • It has also been discovered that attempting to recall the formula concerning any famous things or something that you likes the most is the best way to recall the formula for many days


  • Formulas in integration are a lot but with regular revision and practice, one can easily remember and apply any questions.


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