What Exactly is Cottagecore Interior Design?


Interior design trends come and go.

Like tiled countertops and matching window valances, some should never see the light of day again, while others leave a lasting impression and stick around for a long time, like wicker, futons, and divan beds.

Cottagecore is an interior design trend that has the potential to stick around for a long time because it’s simple and visually appealing.


What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore is an interior aesthetic that captures an idealised rural life. It embraces the charm and stillness of the British countryside, creating a homegrown vibe that escapes the modern-day world of technology and concrete.


Pictured: ‘Cottagecore’ interior bedroom design with traditional wooden bed finished in Ivory Cream.


Why is cottagecore popular?

The popularity of cottagecore soared in the last year as people in lockdown sought ways to make their homes personal sanctuaries.

Cottagecore is popular because it romanticises simplicities like baking, knitting, gardening, and walking.

It creates timeless and simple spaces, doing away with metal, glass, concrete, and everything else in the urban jungle.


What does cottagecore look like?

An excellent way to visualise cottagecore is picturing a lady wearing a simple muslin dress with a flower necklace and a straw hat on a hot summer’s day.


Image Credit: The Tiny Canal Cottage


With cottagecore, everything has a handmade, rustic, and vintage look and feel. Some examples are fresh florals, botanical accents, linen textiles, knitted throws, vintage-inspired décor, distressed furniture, and dried flowers.

Cottagecore is reminiscent of a movement because it encourages a lifestyle rooted in traditional skills. For example, cottagecore encourages embroidery, knitting, and gardening, bringing simple individualism to interior spaces.


How to bring cottagecore to your bedroom

Cottagecore embraces the charm of the British countryside, embracing vintage and distressed furniture and décor, natural materials, greenery, floral prints, and animals. Here are some of the simplest ways to bring cottagecore to your bedroom:

Wooden or white bed

Fundamentally, cottagecore furniture embraces clean white/cream and natural materials to achieve a crisp or organic vibe. Your bed should be either white/cream or natural wood or a combination of both if you can find such a bed frame.

While a metal bed frame can fit into cottagecore, it goes against the idea of utilising materials and colours associated with rustic, rural living.


Pictured: Serene Abigail 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame – Ivory, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.


Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is the simplest yet most impactful way to bring cottagecore to your bedroom.


Pictured: Floral Wallpaper is a vital element of the Cottagecore Style.


Floral wallpaper can be colourful or straightforward with only two colours, with animals, flowers, trees and anything else found in the countryside. Rather than wallpaper your whole bedroom, wallpaper a feature wall instead to break up the space. A feature wall behind your bed is a great choice.


Neutral and organic colours

Cottagecore has a neutral colour pallet (whites and creams) with organic colours like green, browns, tans, and beiges for highlights. Avoid blue, red or pink, because these introduce a sense of playfulness that isn’t in keeping with rural living.

If you use floral/printed wallpaper for a feature wall, paint your walls white or cream and lay wood flooring, thenlet your décor do the rest of the decorating.


Handknitted fabrics

From your bed throw to your cushion covers, knitted fabrics are quintessential cottagecore, and the beauty is you can make them yourself!

Since cottagecore romanticises simple, sustainable living, knitting the fabrics you use in your bedroom stays true to the cottagecore movement. You don’t have to stick to knitting either – you can sew, stitch and patch fabrics to create unique items.


Vintage furniture

Distressed furniture is often shabby chic, but only when it overpowers everything else in the room. With cottagecore, distressed furniture creates a rustic, rural vibe that mimics natural age.

Of course, you could always go to antique shops and second-hand furniture shops to source natural, bonified vintage furniture that needs a new home.


Rustic décor

The finishing touch for a cottagecore bedroom is rustic décor, which you can pepper around to create a sense of movement and purpose.


Pictured: Dried flowers and ceramics complement the Cottagecore interior style perfectly.


Here are a few ideas:

  • Dried flower bouquets
  • String lights
  • Rope art
  • Animal figures
  • Fake ivy
  • Floral curtains
  • Striped throws
  • Vintage China and ceramics

Antique shops, car boot sales, and thrift stores are the best places to find authentic rustic décor, or you can buy rustic-style décor from places like Dunelm Mill.








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