Care Kit – 5 Practical Gifts Your Kids Will Appreciate When They Move Out of Home

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Raising children is a joy, and at each stage of development, you might marvel at the new experiences your children have. What started as first steps and delight at hearing first words becomes joy at passing a driving test and finishing school. It all happens so quickly because, as they say, the days are long but the years are short. 

When your kids are about to fly the nest, a practical gift to help them thrive as independent adults is always welcome. Stuck on ideas? Here are five practical suggestions for gifts your kids will love when they move out of home:


Kitchen Equipment

Nowadays, you can buy great quality cookware online at affordable prices. Cookware and kitchen equipment like blenders and toasters can make that transition into independence a little easier. Frozen meals and instant ramen are not wholesome. So if you’re concerned about your kids’ nutrition, a good set of kitchen appliances will encourage healthy meals. 


Vacuum Cleaner

This may seem like an unusual gift idea, but no young adult wants to spend money on an essential appliance like a vacuum cleaner. This gift serves as a subtle reminder that the cleaning tasks have to be done while also making it easier to complete them. 

If your kids have pets, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be an absolute lifesaver. Those slightly icky jobs are easier to manage when you have the right tools. If you want to add a more exciting component to this gift, give them an aroma diffuser and some essential oils. This is a great way to keep the house smelling fresh and clean. 

A clean home is important for thriving mental health and clarity of thought. It might take some time for the new self-sufficient adults to find their own routine and rhythm in daily life, but having the right tools will simplify this process. 



The idea that the newer generation doesn’t have the same appreciation for books as the previous generations is largely a fallacy. A package containing a few great books may make the perfect gift. Books encourage restful sleep. Replacing social media browsing with reading a few pages from a novel can improve sleep quality greatly, which makes a good book the ideal gift from a loving parent. 


A Housewarming Gift Basket

A housewarming gift hamper can contain a few handy items, a few silly items (including things kids often forget to buy but really need, like toilet paper), and a few comforts and treats. Personalize it by thinking of shared moments through childhood. What were some of the family’s favorite treats? Were there any family jokes about ordinary household objects? Add a few silly things that only the family would understand. This will take the happiness of childhood into a new place as your kids start their journey into adulthood. 


An Alarm Clock Coffee Machine

Many families have an inside joke about waking the kids up for school. Now that you won’t be making sure they get everywhere on time, an alarm clock coffee machine is a small luxury that extends this loving gesture into their new home. 

A coffee machine can help curb the expensive habit of stopping in at coffee shops every morning, and it should save them time, making it easier to get to class or work early. There’s also nothing like waking up to a steaming pot of coffee!

If your kids are about to move out of home, consider any of the above gifts as a way to send them off on a positive note.







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