Top 7 Tips To Help Your Kids Learn A Foreign Language


How to learn a language fast? This question is asked by parents who want their kids to learn a foreign language. After all, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is the key to success in the future.

In recent years, a certain trend has emerged among parents from all over the world. They try to immerse the kid in the foreign language environment from the earliest years. But is it really worth trying to teach foreign languages to a two-year-old? Experienced psychologists and educators claim that the best age to learn a second language is from 4 to 8 years. The main thing is that classes shouldn’t be boring. Use different language learners for kids and the methods described in the article, then your kid will learn any language fast.


Combine a foreign language and a kid’s hobby

If you know this foreign language or multilingual, then you can become a language learner for your kids. Let the learning process become a part of what the child loves, understands, and, most importantly, accepts! If this is a handicraft, find out what the names of all the necessary tools for it are in another language. If your child is actively involved in sports, read in a foreign language how this sport is developing in other countries.

Learn foreign languages ​​together. Show that you can overcome any challenge together. Children are much more comfortable when they are not alone. This will help strengthen their skills.


Let your kid become a teacher

We all understand that one parent in a thousand can teach foreign languages ​​to their kids. It’s another matter if you let your child teach you.

For instance, admit to the kid that you don’t understand in which case it’s worth using this or that verb tense. Ask your child to explain the difference to you.

Firstly, explaining something to someone is the best way to figure out a complex topic on your own. Secondly, this approach will allow the child to try a new adult role. It will definitely be an enjoyable experience.


Make a foreign language a part of your life

Don’t hope that the child will independently start to learn a second language. The parent’s task is to actively help. Let your children see that you are watching movies with interest, reading books, and listening to songs in another language. Then they will begin to imitate you. Introduce the tradition of watching one cartoon a day in a foreign language. Also, click here to learn how to add subtitles to your child’s favorite videos.

Breakfast or any meal can also be made a pleasant and useful activity. Introduce the custom of asking your kids what they want – tea, milk, juice, cookies, apple, banana, what color of a plate or a cup, etc. Let them ask you for it using simple constructions.


Get your child onto language courses

Language courses are a great way to learn a language fast. Your child’s school may not offer them, but finding suitable classes is not a challenge now. Many private establishments teach foreign languages ​​to kids. The child can find friends and peers who are also trying to improve their skills.

Another great alternative is to go to language courses abroad, where your child will be completely immersed in a foreign culture.


Use online apps and tools

One more method to complement the learning process is using apps and online tools. One of the most famous applications at the moment is Duolingo. It can help your kid practice short phrases, build vocabulary, and even correct pronunciation. You can choose the best service and learn something new together with your kid in an interactive form.


Make lessons a daily practice

It’s worth choosing the right time for classes when the child is awake, eaten, and feeling well. Come up with an interesting title for your lessons. Little children love their daily schedule and will look forward to your activities. 15-30 minutes should be devoted exclusively to the teaching. Play, read, talk to each other.

You can also invite a friend or neighbor who speaks the language the child is learning. Try hosting a dinner or event where everyone will be speaking only this foreign language.


Make mistakes

Many children are afraid to make mistakes, which results in a fear of speaking. Therefore, when traveling abroad, try to partially shift the responsibilities of communicating with representatives of another country to the child. You can say in a cafe: “I’m embarrassed to ask what this dessert is, can you find out for me?” Or while shopping abroad, your child liked this or that toy. Say that you will gladly give money for it, but the child must ask the seller the price. Let your children not be afraid to make mistakes and speak a new language.

Most parents understand that being fluent in a foreign language is a crucial thing to their kids’ future success. With the right approach, you can help your children start speaking the new language the same way they speak the native one. Parents are responsible for their children’s education. Making the process of learning a foreign language for kids isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Good luck!








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  1. These are all good tips. I love the Let the Become the Teacher one because I have found that when we know something, we like to teach it to others naturally. Thanks for the other ideas.

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