9 Creative Ways To Reward Your Kids That Encourage Good Behaviour


Children are very emotional beings. Taking good care of them and nurturing them to achieve the best for both of you is a task many parents have failed to accomplish,

It’s proven that rewarding your kids works wonders. Not only does it bring a positive atmosphere in the home but encourages good behavior.

You should always engage your kid. This will help you realize unfamiliar patterns and promote openness between the both of you.

Rewarding your kid is not bribery as some may argue. Try to see it as a perfect way to motivate them and realize it’s worthy of keeping a positive attitude and approach towards people.

Courtesy of this article, you will be able to see some of the best reward ideas for kids. It’s advisable to contemplate the kind of a reward that might motivate your kid most. This can be achieved by knowing what they like or discussing what might best suit Him or Her.

Best Reward Ideas For Kids

1. Choose What To Have For Dinner

A lot of kids are not usually fond of the eating timetables created by their parents. Parents might deem the food to be either healthy or just a perfect choice for their kids. Children tend not to have a similar taste at all.

Allowing your son or daughter to choose what to have for a meal can prove to be very vital in promoting ethical behavior. Satisfy their stomach to fulfill your heart.

2. Dismiss A Chore

Just like food, children have a specific chore that they don’t like. Nothing can influence a kid to continue behaving well than asking them to dismiss a task of their choice.

You can then do the chore or ask someone else to do it for the amount of time you’ll both agree. As simple as this activity looks like it can work wonders.

3. Praise

A parent’s word has massive influence in a child’s life. Perhaps no gift can make your child happy than knowing you’re proud of them and their achievement. Words of praise from you will improve your kid’s sense of responsibility.

They will strive to make you even more proud.

Praising your kid will give them the feel of attention that many kids yearn. This is, therefore, one of the best ways to reward your kid.

4. Offer Extra Electronic Time

Children love to have time enjoying their favorite forms of electronic entertainment. It might be playing video games or watching cartoons and their favorite television shows.

It’s not advisable to allow your kids to spend a lot of hours on these forms of entertainment, but you can still find ways to incorporate them into your reward system.

One of the best ways to do so is by adding some few minutes to daily required interaction with the devices. A kid knowing, he might get ten extra minutes on his favorite video game will seldom be found rubbing shoulders with their parent.

5. Buy Them Gifts

Tangible rewards are one of the best ways you can reward your kid. Your child can see physical evidence that his excellent behavior made him acquire.

Its recommended that the gift should be something that relates to his or her hobby. This is because she will be able to interact with it daily. It will act as a reminder that consistency in good behavior might get them a better version of the gift. Educational toys are always a great option that not only reward your child, but also continue to encourage learning through fun. 

You can also let them choose what their most excellent gift might be. Crystal award trophies might even give you good gift options.

6. Engage In Home Activities Together

Kids like showing their parents how brilliant they are, especially while looking at them. You can come up with a time table of the various tasks you will do together once they behave well.

Here are some tasks that you can engage in;

  • Helping your child with His or Her assignment.
  • Solve puzzles together.
  • Modeling objects.

These activities will also make you have a great time with your kid and know the kind of strides they are making, especially in their education.

7. Sleepovers And Play Time With Their Friends

Kids will always have best friends and yearn to spend time with them.  Time seems to move so fast. Whenever they are together. It’s still advisable to allow your kids ample time to bond and play with their peers.

Not only does it make them happy but also learn from one another.

You can achieve this by allowing your kid to have friends sleep over or have the same at a friend’s place. Allow your kid some extra time to play his favorite games with his friends as a motivating factor. Looking forward to an activity with his friends will tend to make him behave well consistently.

8. Teach Them A New Skill

Children always have great zeal in learning a new thing. It even makes them restless while waiting for the day to arrive.

Promise your kids a new skill or way of doing something that they don’t know once they behave well. They will work extra hard be on their best behavior just for the sole purpose of it.

The skill can range from fishing, riding a bike, or even a new trick or two that they have always wanted to know.

9. Engage In A Sporting Activity

Sport is one of the best ways to reward good behavior. Your son or daughter will always have a favorite game, team, or even a sports personality that they admire.

You can take them out for live games in a stadium or even buy their favorite team’s jersey with their name or hero branded on the back. If they play a particular sport, purchase the required gear and equipment to improve their talent, whether that be a new ball, cleats or a lacrosse goalie stick.

Engaging in sporting activities will also provide the perfect opportunity for you to bond. This is a win-win situation for both of you.

Bottom Line

The listed reward ideas for kids will come in handy for you. You can always choose the most appropriate for you or the one that matches your budget.

Try not to overdo the reward system. It will look too familiar, and your kid won’t see the essence of it all.

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