8 Safe Things to Do On A Road Trip



The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has drastically changed the way we spend our time – from working from home, skipping the gym, right down to the way we have fun. We have all had to take a hard look at how safe we are during our various activities. Holiday resorts and hotels have had to completely change the way they interact with the public and make sure that everyone’s experience is as safe as possible. After the nightmare of 2020, we all need a holiday – and even those have been flipped upside down. We no longer go on holidays just to relax and kick back, we go on holidays to try and restore a sense of normalcy into our crazy lives. 

The thing is, we’re not normal anymore and we likely will never go back to exactly the way things used to be. What we can do is carve out a new normal for ourselves, which includes a new way of working, shopping, travelling, and holidaying. With most of the world forging ahead with mass vaccination drives it won’t be long before we can resume some of our old ways but until then there are things we can still do, we just need to do them differently. A great example of that is going on a good old-fashioned road trip and here are 8 safe ways you can still enjoy your trip with close friends and family.

  • Go Somewhere Secluded

Most international travel is still off the cards and will likely remain that way until the end of the year at the least. We’re all pretty much stuck where we are for the foreseeable future but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel by road to a secluded place. Try and stay away from the popular places, not just because a quieter place will have fewer risks associated with your visit, but also because it’s the small places that are tucked away that desperately need our business.

  • Book Ahead In Advance

The days of just being able to pitch up at a destination unannounced are long gone. The best way to help hotels or motels is to book in advance so they can make sure they offer their guests the safest holiday experience. Make sure your car is road trip ready before you leave.

  • Go For A Hike

As the days get longer and the sun gets hotter, going for a hike is one of the best things to do on a road trip. If you don’t already have an SUV, check out this Ford Puma review for plenty of reasons to join the SUV club. Check with the park or recreation area in advance to make sure they have safe areas for you to go hiking in, after that you just need to pack your gear and fuel up. When you do go for your hike make sure someone knows where you are and where you plan on hiking to, that way if anything goes wrong it won’t be hard for someone to retrace your steps and find you.

  • Go Camping

Camping is one of the easiest ways to socially distance because campsites are often already distanced from each other to give campers a sense of privacy. When choosing a camping location for your campervan it is best to stay loyal and avoid the busiest times. Campgrounds are usually busier in the warmer months and over long weekends so book wisely to minimise your exposure risk. If you haven’t been camping in a while then you should probably set up your tent at home first just to make sure it is still in one piece. The other camping tip I have for you is to pack a decent camping mattress, the floor gets harder as you get older.

  • Take A Detour

There is a lot to be said about taking the road less travelled and that is especially true during a global health crisis. Instead of exploring the typical places and travelling along the busiest routes, opt to take the scenic route and enjoy the sunshine on your face as you safely travel to your chosen destination. A wise tip for taking a detour when you’re on a road trip would be to make sure your car has enough fuel in it and never drive longer than your tank will safely get you – you might think there is a filling station right around the next corner but you might not be right so you need to be prepared.

  • Go Caravanning

Remember when caravanning was for hippies and old people? Well, I do and times sure have changed. Caravanning is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax outdoors. Check out your local caravanning clubs for more information on where to caravan safely during the pandemic. Stock up on non-perishables and sanitisers before you leave, this will eliminate any unnecessary stops along the way.

  • Go Sightseeing

The best part about going sightseeing on a road trip is it is not only safe but it is usually free too. Load up your car with snacks, bottled water, and sanitisers, and then hit the open road. Travel around your local area or, if the numbers are safe enough, venture a little further out of town. If you’re leaving your town then do some research on your destination beforehand and choose 5 places you would love to see. Alternatively, take a trip with a difference with a Kansas City party bus!

  • Explore Nature

Nature is the gift that just keeps on giving. I have travelled across the world and been to 27 different countries and nothing is quite as beautiful as the land you came from. My parents are from different countries and I was born in South Africa so I may be a touch biased on this one… That being said, I have never seen trees and plants quite as green as the ones I have seen in the U.K. Every country has something beautiful that makes the outdoors there truly something to behold and if you haven’t explored the countryside in your own country then you are missing out on a phenomenal experience.






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