Your First To-Do List after Lockdown



Little did we know at the end of 2019, that life – the life we had all grown accustomed to – would soon drastically change. 2020 started innocently enough. There was of course, talk of a virus in faraway parts of the world, however we had heard all of it before: Ebola, Sars, Bird Flu, yet those were issues faced by exotic locations, in the far corners of the world. Then things hit home and soon we were isolated in our living spaces. Many people were out of work and with the long-term isolation came apprehension, despondency, and terrible, relentless, loneliness.

A few years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine something of this magnitude taking over the world and all of its human inhabitants. The effects it had on so many aspects of our lives everything from grocery shortages, to not being able to see our friends and family and being curtailed from gatherings was devastating for everyone.  As social creatures humans are drawn together – whether it’s in a pub, singing songs, and clinking glasses, or at a stadium, cheering on the hometown team. That sense of camaraderie of being a true member of a clan, crew, or tribe, completely disappeared.

Now, lockdown is over! Airports are opening, vaccines are being administered, concerts, comedy shows, sporting events, weddings and family reunions, are all being planned. It has been a long year of suffering and it’s time to let our hair down, and cut loose. As Prince would say, “party like it’s 1999,” but as we know, and what’s even more fitting, party like it’s 2021!


Your First To Do List After Lockdown

  • Drive to the nearest public beach and lay out in the sun all day – Who doesn’t love fun in the sun? All over the U.S., beaches were closed to the public during lockdown. Now that restrictions are lifting, it is time to soak in a little, or a lot, of vitamin D! 
  • Eat dinner on a roof terrace restaurant – What better way to enjoy the clear blue sky, than to be sitting high atop the rest of the city, enjoying dinner and cocktails on a roof top, with a panoramic view, among dozens of other happy, hungry people? 
  • Attend an MLB game – Remember the days when you could drive to a stadium, hand someone a ticket, and boom, you’re among thousands of other cheering fans, eating hot dogs, buying peanuts, and waving pennants? Those days are back and waiting for you. 
  • Attend a Hot Yoga class – Yoga is one thing – hot yoga is completely another. Get ready to sweat it out, with a bunch of other people, who are happy to be getting back into shape, right along with you. 
  • Road trip – Is there anything more Americana than the epic road trip? Whether you’re traveling to another part of your state, or all the way across country, a road trip evokes feelings of nostalgia, big sky, winding routes, lots of tunes, sunsets over mountain vistas, and copious amounts of snacks. (Cheez doodles, anyone?) 
  • Really get to savor your city’s food offerings – The lockdown was devastating for so many restaurants. Some were handicapped financially, some outright failed. Buy home grown and set out on a city-wide culinary adventure. You’re likely to discover new and exciting cuisines, and hometown-creations. 
  • Buy tickets for a big, upcoming concert – Rock stars miss rockin’ it out in front of their throngs of fans. There’s no doubt people will be clamoring for tickets to these events. Purchase tickets, in advance, for some of the super-stars you’ve missed, and look forward to the lights, noise, pulse- racing, head throbbing, musical concerts, again. 
  • Go to the movies – Netflix is cool, of course, but there is nothing quite like seeing a movie on the giant screen. At this point, after a year of cinema viewing drought, even a bad movie, would prove to be fun. (And don’t forget the giant tub of popcorn). 
  • Take your parents – and/or your grandparents – out to lunch – It’s been ages since you’ve spent time with them, so pick a gorgeous day to head out to lunch. Linger over their favorite dishes; bask in the presence of your family.


There is just one more item on the list that is the most important one of all if you want to check all the items on the checklist:  Get your car and your car insurance checked out, updated, and ready for your adventures. You will want to have full coverage so you can have the peace of mind you need to be back on the road, safely, again. Whether it’s 5 miles down the street to grab a pint of ice cream, or 500 miles down I-80, taking you to parts unknown, Freeway Insurance offers affordable, trusted insurance that will get you to where you’re going, safe, sound, and secure. 

The knowledge that you insured, and road ready, is priceless.  Being free to travel is a gift and being insured is the “injection”, that sustains your peace-of-mind.








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