6 Garage Storage Upgrades That Could Increase Your Home’s Value



Every person needs extra storage in the garage, no matter how big or small it is. But the thing with garages is that they can get out of hands very quickly. People tend to keep machinery and other handy things in their garages that they don’t want inside their houses.  Garage space is the perfect addition to your space but if it is not organized in the right way, it will be a headache before you know it. You’ll keep on storing things away in the garage and then it will become too overwhelming. As opposed to this, everything looks pleasing when you have extra storage in your garage, which ultimately makes your garage look spacious.

Some companies, such as Overhead Storage Solutions, can help you get a spacious garage and customize storage options for you. This article will take you through six garage storage upgrades that could increase the space available and will also help you be a little more organized in your garage.


Making Shelves Using Wires:

You can make shelves and racks in your garage using wires to increase its storage capacity. Making this takes next to no effort, and you can easily make it yourself in a few hours. Moreover, these racks look stunning. You can use these racks and shelves to store many things, such as your machinery, tools, etc. A wire grid can also be used to hand little things like your tools or even your gardening supplies.


Organizing your Fishing Gear:

Fishing rods often get tangled, and when they do, it takes forever to detangle them. A fishing gear organizer seems to be a viable solution if you’re sick and tired of all this. For this, use a PVC pipe and a foam swimming pool noodle. This will take some doing, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Also, you can ask an electrician or plumber to make it for you or watch a tutorial video if you like to do it yourself.


Fix the Bins Vertically:

We all have bins in our homes that we use to keep garbage or small tools. If you have less storage capacity, you can buy multiple bins and fix them against a wall vertically to save space. Paint these bins in different colors and they will also double as wall art.


Making Overhead Cabinets for Tools:

That is one of the most cost-effective overhead storage solutions. Ask a carpenter to make an overhead cabinet for you, or you can also make it yourself. You can also buy rectangular storage boxes from the store and fix them in the wall for overhead space.


Using Hooks:

Using hooks to hang your items can also be very helpful. But you can only mount 4-5 hooks on the walls so that it doesn’t ruin the look of your garage.


Racks for Sports Equipment:

You can use different kinds of racks to store your sports-related items, such as footballs, baseball bats, and many more. You can make them yourself, or buy one from the market. Bicycles can also be mounted on the wall and this could be the perfect thing for a cycling enthusiast.

Everyone needs a spacious garage to park vehicles and store items. Few companies offer garage solutions to save space. You don’t need a company for the best space-saving hacks but if you want to add in the value of your house, hiring professionals is the right choice.






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