Pro Tips for Ensuring That Your Wedding Band Fits


One of the most important wedding tasks is buying the perfect wedding ring. While there are plenty of options in terms of the metal, gemstones, finishing, and detailing, everything will come to naught if the ring does not fit properly. Getting the fit right can be trickier than you can imagine because you would want a ring that you can wear comfortably for long even though the size of your fingers can fluctuate over time. With purchasing a ring of the right size being vital, here are a few pro tips on getting the fit right:

Measuring the Size of Your Ring

Even though there are quite a few methods of measuring your ring size, only two are popular. You can use a mandrel, which is a cone-shaped tool that increases in diameter gradually. You can try on several rings at a jewelry store and once you find a ring that fits comfortably, the ring can be measured using the mandrel. If you already have a ring that fits well, you can ask the jeweler to measure it with the mandrel and tell you the size. However, if you want to measure your ring size at home, you can take a string around your finger and measure its length with a measuring tape. Repeating the exercise a few times will ensure that you have the right measurement, after which you can use an online tool or chart on the website of Epic Wedding Bands to find out the right ring size.

How to Know If Your Engagement Band Fits Properly 

Even if you have taken the trouble to measure your ring size, you can still be left wondering if the wedding band you have purchased fits you as well as it should. If there is more than a little pressure on your finger, the ring moves too freely, or on the contrary, is so tight that it leaves a mark on your finger, you can be sure that the ring is not of the right size. However, as explained earlier, this could be due to the size of your finger changing temporarily so it may be advisable to wait before rushing to a jeweler to have it resized. Before getting your ring resized, consider that the ring may be spinning on your finger not only because it is too big but also because it does not have an ideal balance due to the gemstone being incorrectly positioned. It is also possible to use a ring guard on the inside of your ring to make the fit tighter. If you find this temporary solution working, you can have your ring resized. If your ring is leaving a mark on your finger, it is too small. According to a report published by Huffington Post, when in doubt, you should always buy a ring that’s a little loose not too tight.


While you will have invested a lot of time, effort, and money to select your wedding band, it is also very important to ensure that it fits properly. Having too tight a ring can be uncomfortable, while an oversize ring can spin on your finger and even slide off without your noticing.








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