5 Tips to Make Your Dad Feel Special From Long Distance


Father’s Day will be here soon enough, and you want to make his special day perfect. Creating the perfect Father’s Day is hard to do, however, when your Pop lives far away. Before you pout over your lack of options, consider what we have to suggest. This article presents five tips to make your dad feel special even from a long distance on Father’s Day. We know he’ll love them!

Send Him An E-Greeting Card

One of the most affordable and hilarious ways to show your father how much you love him on Father’s Day is by sending him an E-card. Choose from hundreds of funny clips and create your personalized message delivered to his email inbox on Father’s Day. Tons of E-card websites allow you to send celebratory cards to your friends and families. Websites like these have been around since the birth of the internet, and they never get old!  


Send Him A Manly Gift Basket

Create a manly gift basket to send off to your old man for Father’s Day. Throw in some cedar-scented soap, a bottle of whiskey, and a cast-iron skillet he will probably never use. He will love the gesture and the attempt to find a masculine take on an edible arrangement. Encourage your dad’s cabin fever with father’s day delivery gifts that only Davy Crockett would dislike. 

Host A Video Call

Long-distance is no fun, but video chatting takes away some of the bummer. Give your dad a video call on Father’s Day to wish him the best. Take time to check in with your dad and give him all of your attention. He will appreciate the ability to spend time with you, even though a tablet. If you can’t do video calls, make a regular phone call and wish him a Happy Father’s Day. He will be thrilled to hear your voice and will appreciate that you took the time to reach out and wish him the best. 

Mail Him a Card

Make things feel sentimental and send him an actual handwritten card for Father’s Day. You can pick a serious or humorous card from Hallmark that fits your dad’s personality and the ideas you have for the right card. After you’ve made your selection, take some time to write a kind message about how much you appreciate your dad and all of the wisdom he has shared with you over the years. Take your time coming up with the right combination of words so that he gets the message that you love him and want to celebrate him on this special day. Bonus points if you can make him cry. Pair your card with a family photo creation like no other or send him a scrapbook of all your family trips. He’ll love it. 

Send A Father’s Day Greeter

Maybe you can’t be there in person, but a Father’s Day greeter can be! On Father’s Day, have a Father’s Day greeter knock on your dad’s door. He’ll be thrilled to get a greeting from you and love the silliness of the event. We recommend outrageous greeters like giant human teddy bears bearing gifts. Get your dad laughing with a Father’s Day greeter local to him. For extra laughs, send the greeter to Dad’s work! The whole office watching will make it a crowd! 


Showing your dad how much you care from a distance is not easy. Thankfully, with this creative gift solutions like the ones offered here, you can get past the distance and make your dad smile on his special day.








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