6 Family Photo Wall Ideas to Bring Your Photos to Life


Decorating your home is one of the best ways to personalize it and show off your unique tastes. There are several different things you can use such as rugs, plants and flowers, exciting furniture and even art. But one of the best ways to decorate your home is with pictures of your family. 

These can make any space feel like home, and bring back a ton of great memories at the same time. But instead of just putting these photos here and there, why not create a photo wall? With that in mind, let’s look at some family photo wall ideas to help bring your photos to life.


Turn the Photos into Paintings



If you want to take things to the next level, consider turning those family photos of yours into paintings. These one of a kind creations are sure to look incredible and transform any room in your home. Thankfully, you can get this done even if you aren’t an artist. There are companies out there who make custom and hand-painted house portrait paintings that are sure to impress anyone who enters your home


Design a Gallery Wall

When many people add photos or pictures into their home, they will generally limit it to a couple photos or pictures on every wall. However, you can flip this idea on it’s head and add all of your photos to one wall. This gallery wall can follow a specific theme, color or design, or simply be abstract. Every time you take a look at this wall, it can be like a mini trip down memory lane.


Use String Lights to Display the Photos

This is a great option for those who not only want to display family photos, but also want to spruce things up a bit with a unique twist. By hanging some string lights, you can easily hang or clip some photos along the lights to show them off to every visitor. Instead of using full-sized photos, you will generally use smaller polaroid photos, which means you can display even more memories. This display can also help to light up a room with a subtle glow, too.


A Large Frame With Small Photos

While generally every photo will have it’s own frame, this doesn’t always need to be the case. If you are feeling adventurous, and have your photos in the right size, you can purchase a single massive frame and fill it with dozens of smaller photos. This is a very unique look, but one that can look incredibly sleek.


Have a Picture Ledge

When we think of family photos, most of us think of photos in frames that are hung on a wall. However, this isn’t the only way to do things. Instead, you could opt to put up some floating shelves and use them as a picture ledge. It can show off your photos in a new way, and allow them to easily be moved and changed out. There are several different ways to design a photo ledge, so be sure to let your imagination run wild.


Build a Photo Timeline

Another great idea for bringing your family photos alive on a photo wall is to build a photo timeline on the wall. It could be straight across your living room wall, or even cascading down some stairs. The photos on one side will be older photos from years (or even decades ago) and become more recent as you walk down the timeline.

In conclusion, we hope these ideas have been able to help you design the best photo wall for all of your family photos.








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