Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

Learning a completely new language is exciting for a lot of children, and they learn more than just a language. They have access to a whole new world, learning about different cultures, experiences, and mindsets.

But remembering a bunch of different things can be a lot for a child to handle without the right support, which is why we’ve teamed up with this private nursery in Surrey to give you the top tips for helping your child learn a new language.

Set small tasks or goals each day

One of the key ways to remember what you’ve learnt is reinforcing it, even if it’s on a small scale, each day. Make it more interesting for your child by making it into a game – word searches or matching a word with its translation are examples of great reinforcement games for kids.

Using media

There are a number of different TV shows that allow children to learn or practice words in a different language, and this has now spread to online resources, games and apps! Using these resources will give your child a new way to learn a new language without being stuck in that book all day.

Learning alongside your child

You could always learn while your child is learning. This method could allow you to become a soundboard for your child, increasing your bond and seeing different ways of working as well. Your child would feel more motivated and encouraged to learn more about the language if there’s another person close to them helping them along the way!

One of the top recommendations is to learn a new language little and often. Don’t overload your child with lots of different resources, and mostly importantly, allow them to work at their own pace. 






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