How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education


Being involved in your child’s education is paramount for a lot of parents who are looking to see their child grow and flourish in their educational years. But when your child comes home from school, do you know how to integrate their studies with your parental bond?

This guide from one of the top Fulham schools will provide advice and guidance towards getting more involved when it comes to your child’s education.

During homework time

Kids can dislike doing homework for school, especially if it’s difficult! But getting involved in those times after dinner will motivate them to finish efficiently and concentrate on their work.

Children can use you for support when they get to a difficult exercise while you’re able to walk them through the process, such as a complicated maths problem or a dictation exercise.

As a parent you’re also able to provide an apt distraction – it can be hard for a child to concentrate if they’re not interested in the homework or if there’s an opportunity to play with friends or siblings.

Once their homework is complete, offer them a treat for their hard work. After all, they’ve earned it! This also reminds them that homework can be rewarding and a fun experience with their parents.

Outside of school

When arranging activities with your child, why not make them educational? Making days out, walks and trips to the beach more interesting by asking your child questions to help reinforce learning.

Examples of ways to incorporate education within daily life include asking them to add up bills when ordering food, collecting shells on the beach and seeing how many they find, or asking them to take pictures on a camera or phone when outside.

A child’s mind is always inquisitive, so adding that extra learning into daily life will allow them to use what they’ve learnt in school in the outside world.







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