How to Keep Your Glass Interior Clean and Spotless?


Glass interior, hands down, looks remarkable and feels incredible. The more glass and mirror products around you, the more wonderful you feel. However, the fancy feel doesn’t stay intact if you don’t take care of the glass products.

Just imagine, the dusty and foggy windows! They would make your home’s shine fade away. Scratched coffee tables will bring down the living room decor and stained shower doors will screw up the bathroom interior. Simply put, clean glass products elevate an interior but they can instantly blow up the whole styling when dirty. We understand this and that’s exactly why we have brought together some solid ways of keeping your glass products clean. Let’s dive into the discussion.




The most common, mom’s-recommended, tried, and tested method of keeping things clean is dusting!

Sure thing, dusting is a great way of maintaining the shine for a longer period of time. Just a small piece of fine cloth (damp it) and 5 to 15 minutes at hand, and you can clean up the whole space. However, despite the regular dusting practice, glass products still need a deep cleaning to remove any hard stains and marks. You can schedule the deep cleaning once a week maybe or once a month (at maximum). Use cleaners and special products to clean the stains off the glass products in this cleaning session. Try cleaning the hard-to-reach places and use blowers to remove dust from such places.


Use Cleaners – Buy or DIY

Upgrading the liquid from water to dedicated cleaners will show its effects quite visibly. The markets are stacked with different types of cleaners. Choose any that resonates with your requirements. Or just take some ingredients from your kitchen and make one.

Pro-Tip: Employ the mix-and-match technique for cleaning. Add synthetic and natural cleaners in some proportions to experience wonderful results.


DIY Glass Cleaners

You can make some super functional DIY glass cleaners at home without any elbow grease. Let’s explore the wonders of some easy DIY cleaners.

  • Vinegar – The Cleaning Specialist

Vinegar is the thing that’s present in every kitchen. If you are only using it for flavoring your food, it’s time to upgrade its utility and explore its marvels. It won’t be an overstatement if we say that vinegar is nature’s all-rounder. When added to food, it magnifies the taste as well as aroma, and when used for cleaning, it wipes away stains as well as bacteria. Vinegar is a completely non-toxic cleaner and works well against hard stains. Be it your custom glass table top or windows, vinegar effectively cleans the surface. It is antibacterial too, so you can claim its benefits against germs as well. Make instant DIY glass cleaner by adding one part warm water and one part vinegar. Employ it and clear your glass surfaces of any stains.

Pro-Tip: Prefer distilled water over ordinary tap water for making glass cleaners. Distilled water has fewer mineral content so it’s more effective for cleaning purposes.


  • Dishwasher Plus Vinegar – A Tough Cleaner

Your dishwasher has been your partner in removing the stains off your utensils, now it’s time to level up its usage.

A simple way to enhance the functionality of your vinegar-water cleaner is to add the common dishwasher to it. One part vinegar, one part water (distilled and warm, for better results), and a few drops of the dishwasher and you are good to go. The dishwater is quite effective against greasy stains.

Pro-Tip: Don’t add too much dishwasher to the solution to avoid soapsuds.

  • Rubbing Alcohol With Vinegar – Step Up Your Cleaning Game

Let give a boost to the simple glass cleaner with a single ingredient – Rubbing alcohol it is!

Add one part of rubbing alcohol in the same vinegar and water solution. Mix well and the magic cleaner is all set to remove the stubborn stains from the glass surface. Pour the solution into the spray bottle. Spray it on the window and clean it with a dry piece of cloth.

The scratch-resistant tempered glass attributes well to this cleaner for cleaning the foggy dust layer off the surface. It’s an ultimate cleaner that can clean almost every stain off any glass surface. From your coffee table with a custom glass tabletop to glass walls, you can clean everything with the cleaner.


Newspaper – Go Old School

Okay, back to the tips!

When cleaning with some simple cloth, you might notice small pieces of fiber or residues on the surface. To get rid of the aftereffects of cloth, using microfiber cloth is preferable. But what if I tell you something more easily available, economical and efficient – Newspaper. Apart from updating you with the latest news, it is also great for cleaning your home mirrors and glass products. Newspapers are an eco-friendly choice as well. They are made of pulped recycled papers that clean the windows without leaving any streaks.


Here’s To Cleaning!

Keeping the glass interior clean and spotless sounds frustrating but it actually is pretty simple. A little attention and effort can make your home shining and striking. Make sure to pay attention to the details. You can use simple things like an old toothbrush, rags, or dryer sheets to take the stains off your glass products. It doesn’t require anything extra. Just keep your cleaning spirit high and maintain the radiance of your home. Happy Cleaning!






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