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No matter where you are in the world, the chances are that the ongoing imposition of successive lockdowns has meant staying at home a lot more. That means you’re more likely to experience a higher heating and electric bill, as well as snacking more often and potentially even increasing your online ‘retail therapy’ spend. Today, we’re going to look at a few smart ways that you and your family could begin to save money at home. 


Home Heating Oil

Switching to home heating oil brings many benefits (check out for supplier options). Let’s start with one of the standout ways that heating your home with oil saves money. You can purchase the oil when the price is cheap. This goes against any thinking that may have set you against the idea of home heating oil – the cost can be kept down by only buying your oil at off-peak times when the demand, and subsequently the price, is low.

Secondly, have you considered how oil can be many times more efficient than competitor home heating options? Oil is dense and holds on to heat. Water, by comparison, is a thin liquid that loses heat readily. In practice, oil heated once can last much longer as a heating source, heating your home for many more minutes and hours in comparison to standard water heating systems. That means saving money on the energy your home consumes. 


Clear Credit Card Debt Faster

If you’ve ever been in the situation of having one or more large monthly payments on credit cards, you’re not alone. But is there anything you can do about it without paying for specialist advice? There is one simple thing you can start doing. It’s not easy, and it won’t benefit your disposable income in the short term, but it will bring down the cost of those bills much faster. 

The trick is to pay more towards the loans or credit cards that charge the highest rates of interest. Even if you can only afford to pay an extra fifth of the monthly bill, in five months you’ll have paid an extra whole monthly payment off your total. And don’t forget, as the total comes down, the repayments become more forgiving, allowing you the space to revert back to lower payments if required.


Own Brand Goods

There are many TV shows showing how switching what you buy in the supermarket can save you untold fortunes on your food bill. There was also a popular meme not so long back showing two identical cups of coffee with significantly different prices – the only difference was that the more expensive cup had a high street coffee shop logo on the side. 

If you think that part of the problem surrounding your love affair with more expensive brands may have something to do with you caring about how others perceive you, simply order online. Your food will be brought to your door, and the shop-barrassment of buying own-brand goods will be removed.





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