Why Should I Buy Bassinet Over Crib?


Parenting can often be an intimidating experience. If you are a new parent, or there is the promise of a newborn approaching your household, the responsibilities are endless. You want the best for your kid, and in the end, it can turn out to be a rewarding experience.

From choosing the right colour for his nursery, the best kind of baby bottles and clothing, to the age-old puzzle of a crib or a bassinet, there are many predicaments to tackle.

Let’s cut to the chase- we are here to guide you on why you should opt for a bassinet over a crib.

Many new parents want the process of caring for their newborn to be a warm and pleasurable one. While there’s nothing pleasant about a bawling baby at the break of dawn, it is much easier to soothe your newborn when he is sleeping in the same room as you.

Bassinets can make that happen. With an expensive baby bassinet, you can lull your little bundle of joy right back to sleep, as opposed to a crib, in which case you would have to rely on a baby monitor or rush over to his room.

The lightweight and smaller frame of a bassinet make it so much easier for you to rock a newborn to sleep and for tired mothers to pick up and put down when their baby requires. A bassinet is what you should opt for if you have had a difficult birth and undergoing a rather painful recovery.

You wouldn’t have to bend over like with a typical crib, and your postpartum days can be all the smoother. You can even rock the infant when he feels a little under the weather, as bassinets have certain features that help you calm an irritated baby down.

A great feature that the bassinet boasts of is how you can use it for travel. With a bassinet in tow, you can allow your family and friends to meet your little ball of sunshine.

You would be able to run all the errands you may otherwise have to put away, and take your baby out for a stroll and even rock him to sleep when he needs it. Errands to the grocery, check-ups to the doctor, and meeting with the family will be made so much more enjoyable and effortless.

And on the postive side, some advanced features like vibration, Music, nightlight make it a perfect modern bassinet. Its just like an extra nursing hand. 

With a crib, you wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything we have been talking about all this time. Sure, a crib has a lower investment cost and could even get converted as a toddler’s bed later, but these baby articles tend to wear out quicker.

Before you know it, your crib’s paint job would become frayed, and some element or the other would need immediate repair. Using a bassinet would prove to be so much more trouble-free because you could save up in the four or five months leading up to a new Playard or crib or bed.

Another vital aspect that sets your regular bassinet apart from the crib is that a bassinet is a low-budget purchase, and you would not have to break your wallet to get yourself a state-of-the-art bassinet for the newborn.

If your budget is on the lower side, a bassinet should be your prime choice. The miniature and lightweight build of your regular only makes it easier for you to bet an affordable and cost-effective one of your liking. 

A bassinet also comes with various characteristics like caster wheels and animated features like a formidable canopy or awning that covers up your baby from harsh lights and sunlight that could be irritable to his eyes.

Nowadays, many bassinets also come with attributes like diaper-space, visually compelling additives, and even lullaby music to calm your little munchkin down.

They’re not convertible like your standard cribs are, but these irresistible factors make a bassinet your best buy. These compact baby beds also come in various shapes and sizes, all according to your newborn’s requirements.

The construction of a bassinet’s physique, strikingly similar to that of a basket, comes in different materials like plastic, metal, wicker, bamboo, etc.

If you to know about the more features and pros & cons that affect your newborn health, then we strongly recommend reading Guide: Bassinet Vs Crib


Finally, the bassinet plays a substantial role in preventing SIDS. It is also known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is a leading cause of death among many infants and acts as a secure and snug sleeping space for your precious newborn.

Keeping your newborn in the bassinet, in your room when you sleep, is a sizeable way of putting a stop to SIDS.

When you keep your baby’s wellbeing in mind, the sleeping area will play a significant role in the infant’s happiness and security. Happy shopping!









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