3 Homemade Rodent Repellents That Will Keep Mice and Rats Out of your Home


Rodents tend to get a bit of a bad reputation. While many of us are accustomed to hopping on a kitchen stool screaming our heads off at the sight of a mouse, the truth is they’re mostly harmless. Rodents in your home are simply looking for food and shelter, so you should have some compassion when dealing with them. Still, that doesn’t mean you should let rats and mice run freely through your home. This is why we’ve come up with these three natural and safe repellents that won’t harm the rodents but will keep them at bay. Read on and visit naturalratrepellent.com and ratrelief.com to learn more.


You can either get yourself some peppermint plants and place them strategically around your house, or you can soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and scatter them about the place. Make sure to place the peppermint in areas that you feel are most at risk of a rodent invasion (e.g. kitchens, cracked walls, etc.). 

The reason why peppermint works, to a certain extent, in keeping rodents at bay, is their heightened sense of smell. Rodents rely mostly on scent to navigate the world, and so they react more strongly to certain aromas. Because of its pungent scent, peppermint is among the least likable smells for rodents and you ought to take advantage of that!

Cayenne Pepper and Garlic Spray

Another excellent homemade option for rodent repellent constitutes mixing cayenne pepper and garlic cloves together to make an extra potent (and rodent-unfriendly) spray. Similar to the peppermint example, this homemade repellent works thanks to the rodent’s heightened sense of smell. As we all know, both garlic and cayenne are strong aromas, and to a creature with such an acute sense of smell, they can really be a deal-breaker. 

Of course, you have to regularly douse new cotton balls with the stuff, and ideally spray it around windows and doors as well, which may create an unpleasant smell for you and your family. Still, this mixture is a clever way to deter rodents from flocking to your house without actually harming them.

Cat Urine

Yeah, we know it’s not your favorite smell in the world, it’s not ours either. But one thing you have to admit is cat urine is an extremely effective scent that will deter rats and mice from sneaking into your home. Obviously, the easiest way to get this would be to actually get yourself a cat, but if that’s not an option for you, then that shouldn’t be a problem. Many specialty stores sell products that replicate the scent of cat urine precisely with pest-prevention in mind. 

For obvious reasons, scattering a few sandboxes with cat urine in them will be as good as a “rodents beware” sign taped to your front door. Learn more DIY pest control tips here.

Final Words

While the above are worthwhile prevention methods, they probably won’t work forever. So you should also take steps to make your home undesirable to rodents, such as sealing all edible leftovers, performing regular cleaning, and fixing potential entry holes as soon as you spot them.


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