Top Tips for Successfully Promoting your New Small Business


Your mind is made up. You’ve decided to throw off the shackles of working for somebody else and made the decision to finally step out in the business world on your own.

You have spent hours on your business plan and you know exactly what you want to do and where you want to be.

Now what?

Now you need to work out how you will get word out there. How will anybody know what product or service you offer if they do not even know that you exist? Promoting your new small business is essential to its success.

The question is, how?

We are going to tell you.

It begins with your logo. 


Why getting your logo right is so important for your new business

You know what your business does and what it represents. Deciding on your logo is something that requires a lot of thought and consideration. First impressions count, and in the world of marketing and promotion, your logo will be the one thing that people will remember… or not.

The logo you decide on  should not be a haphazardly thrown together image or a speedy afterthought before you rapidly move onto the next thing on your todo list . Your logo design is vitally important to the success of your business. People remember visual cues more than anything else. Make your business memorable with a professional logo that stands out.

Professional is the keyword here. A badly designed and shoddy logo will drive away potential clients. After all, if you have not taken the time to professionally present your own business, how will you convince them that you are offering a top quality service or product?

Colour is a powerful way of reaching people. Different colours can result in a brand conveying a very different image, just through the scheme you choose.

Reds provide a sense of urgency and are associated with feelings of love, power and, of course, danger. Impluse shoppers are triggered by the colour red – think of clearance and sales signs that stores use, or the fast food outlets that use red branding.

Conversely, blues evoke feelings of orderly calm, trust and security. Ever wondered why so many social media channels tend to use blues? This is in order to gain trust from users who will be using them to divulge their deepest feelings and thoughts.

If you want to gain the trust of clients, go for blues.

Want to sell stuff and sell it fast? Use the reds instead.

Once you have created your logo make sure you stick to it for all material. Your letterhead needs to have the same branding as your online banner. The aim is to become memorable and increase familiarity.

When you have decided on your logo, you can then look at implementing your marketing strategy. In today’s age, an online presence is essential.


Get your business online with a professional website

No business can afford to be without an online presence. Creating a website is relatively easy for almost anyone to do. Ensuring your business website is functional, accessible and attractive can make the difference between success and failure. And do not underestimate the power of making it mobile-friendly. Just think about how many times you have searched for something on your mobile phone while on the go rather than your laptop.

Point made.

Again, you need to ensure that your website gives the right first impression. Does your website have a clear message? Is it well laid out? How easy is it to navigate? What about the content? Is it up to date and relevant?

With so much to consider, hiring the services of a small business website design company is worth the investment to get your business up and running online for relatively little cost and in very little time.

Hiring a website design company will allow you to clearly communicate with them your main goals and needs. Once you have communicated your requirements to them and agreed a plan for them to provide you with a service, allow them a certain degree of free rein to deliver it.

Any good website design company worth its weight in salt will continue to work with you until you are perfect happy with the end result and feel you have a website that is sure to make a positive impact.


Promote your business on and offline

small business marketing

As we mentioned earlier, high quality branding will make your business recognisable and help to promote trust.

Once you have it created your branding and are happy with the image you are presenting, you will need  to use it as widely as possible to make sure you become well known in your industry, both on and offline.

All offline events and promotion should have a clear visual representation of your business that will draw people to it and encourage them to find out more about it and what your business does or offers.

Establishing mental imagery will make your business memorable. Even if a potential customer doesn’t need your services or products right now, they will think of your business when they finally do.

For example, you decide to hold a stand at a trade show. Representatives of your business should wear clothing that identify them as professionals who are part of the company and are available to approach talk to.

T-shirts should have your logo clearly located, along with further details such as your website URL and contact number across the back. Once again, there are professional services that can create a t-shirt mockup that will enable you to try out a variety of designs. Find one that you are happy with and are confident can promote your business to your market.

As well as banners to advertise your business, you will also need to ensure there is a supply of business cards and leaflets that provide further information on your business’s products or services. Make sure your business’s contact details such as email address, website and telephone number are also clearly stated.

Social media is key to online promotion. Create a page for your business on Facebook which will allow you to post information, photos, offers, and details of upcoming events. Twitter is a more immediate social media platform that many users turn to for quick answers and conversations.

Both channels can be used to build up a following amongst potential and existing customers but do not make the mistake of link dropping and spamming. Instead, initiate conversations with potential clients and customers rather than pushing how fantastic your product is.








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