Products and Foods: Sourcing On a Local Basis

Local Sourcing: An Option Worth Looking Into

Are you informed about the concept of sourcing food and products locally? You may be wondering what is involved with this option. The locally sourced products and foods such as locally raised, grass fed beef in southern Mississippi is referring to any food item or product that is going to be served to the consumer. The food and products are grown or made within 100 to 150 miles from the place they are being served. Locally sourced foods and ingredients may mean that your items are coming from a farmer who lives down the road. This may include the following:

  • fresh produce creators
  • fishmongers
  • many other local merchants

Why is this option worth looking into? Sourcing on a local basis does offer many benefits and it impacts lives in positive ways.

How Does This Benefit?

The local sourcing option does indeed offer many outstanding benefits to society as a whole. Keep in mind, every small business does depend on their community for survival. A business can’t survive by their good ideas and quality offerings without the help of their community. Local sourcing benefits the entire planet is outstanding ways. Local sourcing will have an impact on the following:

  • the planet –  when people buy their food and products locally, they are helping the planet because fuel emissions are lowered. There are many positive outcomes for the environment. Keep in mind it is going to take less fuel to transport goods locally as compared to cross country trips
  • the people –  the people in a community all benefit because community pride is an outcome of local foods and products. This is because local sourcing allows the entire community to build strong relationships with each other. These relationships tend to be long-term and trust is at the base of these relationships. Many people in a community thrive on face-to-face-interactions. The consumer and the business will benefit greatly from sourcing quality food and products
  • the profits –  local sourcing is going to boost profits and increase sales. This is because many community members are more than willing to pay a higher price for food and products when they know that they are supporting local environments and their own business people. Loyalty for brands and products will add to the profits and sales

If you love your local businesses, you will greatly benefit your own community and lifestyle if you choose the local option.

The Growing Idea

Sourcing on a local basis is a growing idea that is making people think and it is creating changes in their shopping styles. The new buzz words are “local sourcing.” This is not a new idea because it had started in the restaurant industry. This industry was able to make a promise to the consumer:

  • freshness in offerings
  • greater levels of authenticity in food products

These establishments could make this promise to their customers because the meats and produce had come directly from nearby farms and they knew quality had been included in all food products. This is viewed as a growing movement because many have been able to experience the benefits of shopping near their homes. The local venders tend to be more willing to tailor and customize their offerings in order to meet the needs of their customers.

This adds to satisfaction levels because it a a personal approach to business and buying. The customer can trust their business and they know their products are safe to consume. Local sourcing is a growing idea because it is increasing confidence and trusting relationships are being built among the consumer and the business. This is a growing idea because this movement will lower energy usage, save on the environment, and benefit local businesses in outstanding ways. Everyone is invited to jump aboard the local sourcing train and create positive changes in their own communities.

Getting Started

If you have an interest in sourcing on a local basis, the following tips and ideas can get you started:

  • complete your own assessment and determine which local products will work best for you – it is important to decide which products are going to make the most sense in terms of local sourcing. This requires thinking about your own regularly ordered products. Feasibility will be a factor in your choices. It may not be possible to source every needed item locally. Find out what items can be sourced locally and find the best products to meet your household needs
  • set a standard and define your idea of local – everybody has their own opinions on best places, best products, and best merchants. If you strive to buy locally, set your own standards and determine what local is going to mean to your household. Support the businesses, products, and offerings that are going to satisfy your desires and needs






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